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Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Space

One powerful way to improve your enjoyment at home while maximizing your square footage is to make more use of your outdoor space. But how do you do it effectively? Here are some solutions worth considering. The more of them you implement, the more welcoming your outdoor space will be. 

Create a Comfortable Lounge Space

The quality and comfort of today’s outdoor furniture rival indoor designs. You can now buy stylish sofas and chairs with ultra-soft cushions that carry the same look and feel as living rooms and family rooms, making time outdoors more cozy and welcoming. The more comfortable the furniture is, the more time your family and guests will use them. Provide ample seating options so that everyone can join in on the fun!

Consider Modular Designs

The more ways you use the outdoor space, the more use you get from it. Increase functionality by investing in modular furniture designs that can be rearranged to suit varying activities and social situations. Modular designs keep the interest in outdoor interaction alive.

Include Outdoor Dining

From peaceful morning breakfasts to entertaining dinners under the stars, an outdoor dining area increases your time outdoors any time of day. A more welcoming outdoor dining space with tasty food is also an ideal and comfortable way to gather friends and family. 

Add More Colors and Patterns

You can boost interest in interacting outdoors with engaging, vibrant colors and patterns on cushions, pillows, umbrellas, outdoor rugs, and even table settings that attract the eye.   

Add Shade

One sure way of increasing the time and frequency spent outdoors is by creating plenty of shade. Few things will shorten time outdoors as much as heat and the threat of sunburns. Umbrellas, awnings, and trellises block harmful rays and bring cooler temperatures so that you spend more time socializing and less time worrying. 

Add Greenery 

Plants, trees, and grass create scenic environments while cooling the air for a more comfortable outdoor space. Boost the experience of interacting with nature further with beautiful flowers, fruit, and vegetable-bearing plants and trees.

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Lighting has a powerful, positive effect on home design, which is why many interior designers specialize in lighting design. Lighting not only keeps things visible, but it also sets the mood and works beautifully as playful decorations. Strung lights and strategically-placed lanterns and candles blend intrigue and ambiance that draw you and your guests outside.

Keep Bugs at Bay 

There’s no doubt about it; mosquitos are pests. Like inadequate sunshade, exposure to pesky insects can put a quick end to the outdoor experience and even keep you and your family and guests from heading back out again. Once bitten, twice shy.

Items like bug zappers, mosquito-repelling candles, mosquito netting, and screens can drastically change the outdoor experience from a battleground to an oasis. 

Add Outdoor Speakers

Today you can purchase speakers designed for outdoor use – even in uncovered spaces that expose them to rain. Some speakers resemble rocks that disappear into the landscape and make the sounds seem to come from nature itself. 

Include Heaters

If you have ever sat outside in a cafe or restaurant during cool times of the year, you may have experienced how outdoor heaters keep life outside comfortable while you enjoy the fresh air and scenic views. The same experience can be had in your home. Choose from wall-mounted heaters or more portable designs for a more welcoming outdoor space.

Add an Outdoor Firepit

The beauty and warmth of firepits collect people around them for hours. Choose from custom-built firepits that blend with your landscaping or portable designs that go where you need them most. 

Include an Outdoor Barbecue, Kitchen, or Bar

One of the fun aspects of time outdoors is cooking and a tasty cocktail. With everything you need outside, you reduce the need for trips back and forth and keep everyone together for improved socializing.

Adding these conveniences to the others on this list is a sure way of boosting outdoor interaction and increasing the appeal of spending more time outdoors, making your outdoor space an extension of your life at home. 

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