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Choosing the Best Firepit for Your Backyard

Relaxing around a fire is a great way to end the day or spend time with friends and family. We’re here to show you the best firepits depending on your space, budget, and purpose. Thanks to variety, there is something for everyone.

Best Firepits for a Smaller Space

If you don’t have a lot of room in your backyard, or maybe you’re working with limited rooftop or balcony space, consider a tabletop fire pit. You can find these in multiple sizes that fit appropriately on your table. Their designs also allow for fantastic flame visibility and puts out a decent amount of heat for chilly evenings. For something that’s a little bigger, yet still portable, consider something like the Solo Stove Ranger. This portable fire pit is a fantastic option that delivers on its smokeless claim. It’s great for camping, too!

Best Firepits for a Medium Space

Firepit bowls are slightly larger than tabletop versions, and still portable enough to take along for a beachside campfire. Many brands boast an easy-to-clean finish. Depending on the style and size, you can find a great fire pit bowl that won’t break the bank but still looks great in your space.

Choosing the Best Firepit for Your Backyard | WPL Interior Design

In looking for the best firepit for a medium-sized space, you may also be interested in a pit that can act like an open fire grill, too. The Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Firepit fits that bill as it has an adjustable cooking grate to give you that freshly charred flavor. It is a decent size at 32 inches and great for medium-sized gatherings. At a less than $200 price tag, it’s also a wallet-friendly option.

Best Firepits for a Larger Space

For a larger space where you often host larger gatherings, consider installing a gas-fueled fire pit that sits in the center of your patio. These are perfect for an area where you can add seating all around. Even with large firepits, you can control the flame temperature and enjoy a glowing ambiance during the summer and a comfortable heat during the winter. Even better, these centerpiece firepits come in a variety of styles and designs perfect for any space. They can have a brick or stone facade, or you can choose a more modern metal design. We have also seen tiled firepits and ones of various shapes.

Considerations for a Custom Build

If the best firepits on the market don’t fit your dream design, give WPL Interior Design a call or fill out our design inquiry form. We can help you find or create a fire pit in which the sky is the limit on your end design. You can even begin your next outdoor home project with a custom firepit and then designing the rest of your space around that. Custom firepits can cost anywhere between $700 to over $6000, depending on style, material, and labor, and they always make excellent focal points in your space!

Don’t Forget About Fire Safety

Having a firepit is one of the best things about enjoying your outdoor living space, but you can’t forget about fire safety. Always make sure to have a fire extinguisher that is up-to-date and near your firepit.

Choosing the Best Firepit for Your Backyard | WPL Interior Design

Never leave a fire unattended because all it takes is a spark to start a major fire. Don’t take fire for granted because it is a powerful force to be reckoned with if it gets out of control, so just don’t let it happen. Mesh covers are also great for preventing sparks from reaching flammable surfaces. When it’s time to go inside after the fire is over, you want to make sure the fire is completely out. You can do this by pouring water into the fire and mixing it with the ash. Once the ash is cool to touch, your fire is safely out, and you can head in for the rest of your day.

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