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How to Find Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Knowing what to select in comfortable outdoor furniture is almost as tricky as remembering what not to buy. Before taking the plunge, take some time to think about the best pieces for your space.

Deciding on Your Budget

Lower price tags may seem enticing at first, but be aware that when it comes to outdoor furniture, you often get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you need to pay more than a thousand dollars per lounge chair. However, you may consider paying more for a quality product instead of a cheaper sectional. Cheap backyard furniture tends to be flimsy and easy to break or unstable. Not all inexpensive options are poor choices, but you will want to do your research before making your final choice. Test a few out if you can so you will be happy with what you choose. Our design team can help recommend the best brands for your needs.

How to Find Comfortable Outdoor Furniture | WPL Interior Design

Think About Your Space

To pick the best furniture for any space, think about what your plans are for that space. Do you want to be able to entertain people? Is your backyard better designed for a full sectional and lounge combo, or are you better suited for a bistro set? Are you working with stone, wood, or choosing furniture that is going to sit directly on the ground? Thin, wrought iron legs are great on pavers but not so much on a wooden deck if there are larger gaps between planks. Benches make a great storage space as well as being versatile enough to be used on just about any surface. 

Comfortable Outdoor Furniture Materials

When you shop for outdoor pieces, you’re going to find teak, stainless steel, wrought iron, rattan, wicker, aluminum, and a few others. Just because it looks great in a picture does not mean it’s going to be great for your backyard. Maybe wicker goes better with your backyard décor than the wrought iron set you’ve been eyeing, so be open to possibilities.

How to Find Comfortable Outdoor Furniture | WPL Interior Design

Also, be aware of materials and your area’s local climate. For example, if you live somewhere high winds are common, you are going to want to steer clear of aluminum because it is so light. Likewise, if you get lots of rain and there is plenty of moisture in the air, you’re probably going to want to avoid the so-called all-weather hardwoods unless you are okay treating them every single year as part of regular maintenance.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, don’t forget about cushions. Most are water-repellent, but not many are waterproof. If you do not place them in a protective storage box or treat them to make them waterproof, you are going to end up with mildew. Something else to consider is what to do with it if you experience regular winters. To keep your outdoor furniture looking newer longer, ideally, you want to store it somewhere during the winter. If storage is a concern, make sure you keep that in mind when deciding on your purchase.

Coordinating the Look

Just as a lot of indoor furniture trends are incorporating more outdoor functionality, outdoor furniture trends are being inspired by indoor design styles. A great way to design the outside of your home is by complementing it with your indoor color scheme. Cushions and throw pillows are also welcome additions to outdoor seating as they invite guests to sit around comfortably. Consider a centerpiece or a focal point, such as a firepit or a table, that invites people to gather around as they enjoy your comfortable outdoor furniture.

How to Find Comfortable Outdoor Furniture | WPL Interior Design

There are endless options when it comes to comfortable outdoor furniture. Let our design team at WPL Interior Design help you find the best ones for your home. We always design according to your style and your needs! Get started today by filling out our online design form and we’ll set up a consultation for the outdoor space of your dreams.

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