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Essentials for a Decorating a Small Patio

We’re wishing everyone a pleasant Memorial Day and hope you’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors this past weekend. Perhaps even barbequeing out in the backyard or on your new patio? Having a small area to work with does not mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy your patio. You need to get creative, so we’re going to offer you some tips on how to get the most out of designing and decorating a small patio space.

Layers Add Character

Layers and texture add an inviting ambiance even to the smallest of spaces. Gauzy draperies create a fanciful atmosphere while adding a sense of privacy. Adding textured lighting or strings of lights contributes to a magical feel. For lights, industrial style lighting adds flair while giving you a space you can still enjoy after dark.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Essentials for a Decorating a Small Patio

Patio furniture comes in so many different options, and it can be tough to pick what will be best for your space. Depending on your setup, you can choose a hammock mounted to the ceiling or collapsible lounge chairs. A bistro set with a small table and chairs is a perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book. Multi-functional furniture is excellent, too, to help with storage and extra seating.

Decorating Your Small Patio

Well-placed greenery adds vibrant texture to any patio, but instead of placing potted plants on the ground, get creative and work your way up a vertical surface. Small, galvanized steel pots do double duty on welded steel wire with a metallic finish that is pleasing to the eye and acting as a vertical garden. Displaying plants like this also creates a natural wall as your plants grow. Adding curtains or reclaimed window shutters turned into a folding panel adds visual interest, too.

Essentials for a Decorating a Small Patio | WPL Interior Design

Pops of Color Add Interest

Splashes of color can be bold expressions of the space you love, and they can also be complementary to your surroundings. Blues, greens, and other natural colors add interest without overpowering the whole effect. A fun bar cart in textured neutrals or coordinating colors can also add a focal point for you and your guests. Tiles or spray paint can give a fresh look to reclaimed furniture, too.

Graphics and Patterns

If you’ve never been big on graphic patterns, consider adopting a rug with a design that grabs your attention. Not only does it automatically add style, but it also keeps your patio looking fresh. You may even consider painting your patio floor in a bold black and white pattern or perhaps a mandala design to add visual interest without taking up space.

Enjoy Your Space

Essentials for a Decorating a Small Patio | WPL Interior Design

Not having a large backyard does not mean you are without when it comes to enjoying the outside. Getting creative with the space you have and being intentional about your area will make it possible for you to enjoy your piece of outdoor paradise. If you’re feeling unsure on how to best maximize your patio space, or if you’re planning on installing a brand new patio, give WPL Interior Design a call. Our expert design team can help guide you in the right direction! You can start now by filling out our design inquiry form.

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