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Spring/Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends

Thanks to the pandemic, people have rediscovered their outdoor spaces and turned them into open living spaces to enjoy with family and friends while maintaining safe distances. From balconies to backyards, many have found a way to enjoy these outdoor living trends.

Outdoor Kitchens

Spring/Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

More people are cooking outside and it is more than just a meal cooked on a grill. Conversions to full outdoor kitchens have taken hold and will continue to be a trend we can expect to see. Beyond a grill, outdoor kitchens are seeing prep areas, sinks, storage areas, pizza ovens, and even outdoor refrigeration units. As a result, most cooking can be done outside while still hanging out with your friends and family.

Enhanced Outdoor Living Spaces

We are seeing enhanced outdoor living areas, especially when there is an outdoor kitchen as a focal point. You’ll find additional seating outside that is both comfortable and feels more like a room outside. Multipurpose furniture is making its way outside in waves. From large outdoor sectionals to multi-functional benches, there are so many different options available outside that are usable year-round.

Backyard Cottages

Spring/Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Others have gone so far as to build or install sheds in their backyards, too, like a backyard cottage. Think of it as a tiny home in your backyard. They are fully equipped with power and running water and act as an escape in a comfortable space. As a bonus, backyard cottages double as space for guests to stay in without being too far away. With the amenities available, it will feel like a home not too far away from home.

Edible Gardens and Sustainable Gardening

Gardening has had a definite uptick since the start of the pandemic. More people are doing so to build a hobby and supplement food stores by growing veggies, fruits, and a variety of herbs. A sustainable garden does even more for the environment as people embrace making environmentally responsible decisions like drip irrigation systems with rain sensors and avoiding toxic chemicals as much as possible. Plus, wildlife and pollinators have a new place to visit, and you get to watch them at your leisure.

Privacy Structures

An increase in privacy structures has also taken flight due to more people wanting to be outside while still maintaining a sense of privacy. There are several ways to add privacy to an outdoor living space, like screens, outdoor draperies, and even landscaping techniques. A pergola, for example, can add shade to a social space, but if you also add a tiled wall on the side, you’ve automatically increased your privacy while maintaining the outdoor feel. Visual aesthetics done this way also add to backyard appeal.

Social Front Yards

Spring/Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Perhaps the newest trend in outdoor living is working within your front yards. For most, the front yard didn’t do much beyond adding curb appeal to your home. It was never used as a social space or for any event purposes. More recently, front yards offer an additional safe, social space. With drive-thru birthday parties or other socially distanced celebrations, the front yard has become another way for people to connect. Using the space is less formal and can be accomplished by simply adding a bench or a couple of rustic chairs.

Technology Outdoors

Whatever you use on the inside, you probably also want it on the outside, including technology. Streaming videos have made it possible to watch movies and television shows anywhere, so many are installing things like outdoor theaters. Outdoor office space interest has also risen, so incorporating workspaces has become a part of outdoor living trends. As people attempt to make more out of the space they have, outdoor spaces have become a valuable way to enjoy family and still stay connected with the world around you.

Transitioning Outdoors

Spring/Summer 2021 Outdoor Living Trends | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Another way homeowners have embraced outdoor living is by creating a more seamless transition between their indoor and outdoor spaces. You can do this by creating a more natural flow to make the entire space usable. Arranging furniture as though the outdoors and indoors are the same can accomplish the seamless transition. You can also use outdoor furniture inside as well as flooring that works well indoors or outside. Before you know it, you will be using your outdoor living space almost as much as you would be using your space inside.

We’re excited to see more creativity and innovation when it comes to outdoor living trends. While much of these trends were likely spurred on by the pandemic, we hope these trends are here to stay. WPL Interior Design is here to help you push the boundaries of your outdoor living spaces. We have helped install many outdoor kitchens and implement the latest technologies to smarten up your home. Let us know more about the home project of your dreams by filling out our online design form!

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