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Outdoor Living Trends for Summer 2023

Since the warmers months are quickly approaching, now is a great time to look at the new outdoor living trends for summer! This year, we’re seeing a tighter focus on natural living, and there’s a good reason for it. The National Association of Home Builders announced in 2022 that 58 percent of surveyed homeowners were planning to connect nature/outdoors in future design choices. Additionally, 45% planned to put more focus on entertaining outdoors.

For those who feel the same, here are some terrific ways to improve your outdoor living spaces. The great news is these solutions will work for years to come! 

Sustainable Design

As the world heats up, it’s becoming even more evident that sustainable design has an important role. We are seeing more sustainable materials with fewer negative environmental effects during production and after disposal, helping us retain clean water and minimize pollution. Examples include biodegradable pots, jute rugs, reclaimed wood, and greener products for furniture. We’re seeing more natural wood, rattan, wicker, and jute, and more attention to more recycled and recyclable materials. Solar lights are also helping to create cleaner electricity.  

Natural Tones

With more natural materials come more natural tones. We’re seeing colors in the terracotta family and complements, such as ivory, brown, blue, and sage green – a popular green color for this season. The trend also lends itself to Scandinavian designs that blend natural wood and simple yet highly engaging designs.  

Bold Pops of Color

Jeweled tones are the primary design color trend for 2023. One example is Viva Magenta, Pantone’s 2023 color of the year. On the other end of the spectrum is a complement of lime green. We can extend these same colors outdoors but benefit from using them sparingly. A little goes a long way. 

More Interior Styles Are Moving Outdoors

Indoor/outdoor living will continue to grow and brings massive benefits. It helps us maximize our home’s footprint and living experience while giving us the shade and cool breezes we need as the world heats up. It also creates a calming, upscale hotel space that brings the benefits of vacationing at home. Our home is becoming even more of a sanctuary. 

We mentioned earlier that Scandinavian designs continue improving the outdoor experience, but we can find other interior styles. We’re seeing farmhouse designs and eclectic styling, all in the direction of celebrating nature. Modern homes have also seen more use of sleek rounded and racetrack shapes in the last few years. 

Improvements in outdoor fabrics and foams make the look and feel of indoor living easy to add outdoors. From cushy sofas and chairs to rugs, comfortable dining spaces, lighting, weatherproof speakers, fireplaces, dining spaces, chandeliers, and kitchenettes, the outdoors is becoming our second home. 

Larger Groupings

With the ability to access more designs outdoors, we can make the most of it with the current trend of large dining and seating groupings. Ample furniture is a powerful invitation for guests and family to enjoy more time outside. 

Modular Furniture

Furniture that easily moves, connects together, and stacks away help us maximize our outdoor space usage to fit needs as they come up. We can organize groupings to suit specific functions or extend the dining table for a massive family feast. 

Plenty of Plants 

We are showing our love for nature by implementing more of it. Plants give us a closer look at nature’s beauty while providing added privacy, blocking the sun, and cooling the air – perfect for a hotter world. We also increase our green footprint (literally) while having a chance to grow some tasty fruits and veggies. Due to water shortages, there is also an increased focus on climate-resistant gardens. Plants shouldn’t be too much work!  

From small pots on tables to massive floor pots, we can make the most of any outdoor space

These outdoor living trends for summer are sure ways to make spaces more inviting and help us enjoy their benefits while making the most of our homes. Fill out our inquiry form today so we can help make your outdoor living space ready for this summer!

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