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5 Ways to Smarten Up Your Bathroom

Smart homes are not the future anymore – they are the present! And we’re excited to see all the innovative technology coming from our favorite home brands. More homeowners are now investing more time and money into their master bathrooms than ever before. Some even more than their kitchens! And rightfully so, as there are so many different ways to create a luxurious bathroom experience with just a few products. 

All-in-One Toilets 

There are plenty of options when it comes to accessorizing your bathroom throne, from bidets to bidet attachments to the all-in-one toilet. As homeowners invest more in their bathrooms, especially their master baths, we are seeing more innovative technologies and features to smart toilets, including seat warming, led lights, motion-sensor toilet lids, built-in bidets, and self-cleaning features. Many toilet companies, including leading brands Toto and Kohler, are also adding eco-friendly functions that use less water when flushing. 

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Automatic Sinks 

Next, there are smart sinks that have programmable features to control water-temperature, as well as water usage. To save water, you can program your faucet to reduce tap-flow. Most brands are also coming out with touchless tech so you don’t have to turn your faucet on and off.  

Spa-Worthy Showers and Tubs 

What’s the point of a luxurious master bath if it’s not fit for pampering? Smart showers and tubs can help you adjust your perfect water temperature right away. That’s right, no more guessing and turning of knobs! Not only is technology in showers and bathtubs more innovative for a spa-like experience, but they also come with the benefit of being more energy-efficient and wasting less water. 

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Kohler’s PerfectFill tub will automatically draw a bath for you while Moen’s U Digital Shower Controller has one of the top smart shower systems. Many of these brands offer products with multiple automatic features and the option to control your shower via voice, phone, or controller. Kohler’s Moxie Smart Showerhead is also a favorite among music lovers; it features a water-resistant wireless speaker that plays music flawlessly through the water.  

Temperature Control 

Water temperature isn’t the only thing you can control in your new smart bathroom. You can also install cabinets and drawers that have heating or cooling features! Always have a warm towel ready to go in a towel warming drawer. It’s also become a growing trend to have cooling cabinets to preserve medications, skincare products, or to just keep a cool beverage closeby. 

Smart Bathroom Mirrors 

Lastly, the smart bathroom mirror is one of the must-haves for any bathroom remodel. Séura’s smart mirrors turn your bathroom mirror into a control hub for your entire smart home, very much like a giant tablet. You can dim lights, view security cameras, or even remotely control other parts of your home. If that’s too much tech for you, though, Simple Human makes a mirror that simulates natural light for a better experience for your day and night routines. Their mirror also lights up automatically when you approach it. 

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

The bathroom is such a personal space, so why not put time into its design and ambiance? Bathroom renovations are one of WPL Interior Design’s specialties. We can help turn your old bathroom into a new getaway haven! Let us know more about your project by filling out our design inquiry form today.

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