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Master Bathroom Design Trends 2019

Many of the master bathroom design trends we reported back in 2016 have continued to flourish in popularity three years later. But more than just a trend, bathrooms themselves have become a major part of the home that clients are looking to renovate. reported that homeowners can recoup almost 70% of their investment when it comes to bathroom remodels, including universal design remodels, and bathroom additions. 

For over 35 years, WPL Interior Design has been creating luxury interiors for homes, and that includes master bathrooms. If you’re looking to transform your current bathroom into a private home spa, give us a call today at 215-592-9570 to set up a project consultation. We want to hear more about your vision so we can turn it into a reality. 

Photo by Jay Greene Photography
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Need more inspiration before your remodel? Check out these top trends that clients want to be included in their master bathroom design. 

Extra Large Showers 

People are setting aside more room for their master bathroom suites and, in particular, for larger shower spaces. This isn’t just to follow universal design guidelines but it also adds to the luxury of the bathroom as well. The possibilities to create the perfect shower are numerous; choose from multiple shower heads from all angles to a walk-in shower without doors. Built-in seats and shelves are also must-have shower additions. 

Free-standing Bathtubs 

Freestanding bathtubs are now the popular statement pieces for the master bathroom suite. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. While showers are taking up more space in the bathroom, bathtubs are now taking up less space. Perhaps it’s become more homeowners are trying to produce less water waste. However, even though bathtubs are getting smaller, they still remain artistic and sculptural centerpieces in bathroom design. 

Chandelier Lighting 

Nothing adds glamour and extravagance to a room like a beautiful chandelier. Bathroom chandeliers come in all different shapes, sizes, and designs; they can match any type of style you’re hoping to achieve in your master bathroom design. If you do decide you want to add a chandelier to your bathroom, however, be sure to double-check your local electrical codes to ensure your new fixture meets residential electrical safety. 

In-Home Saunas 

Could in-home saunas be the trendy replacement for hot tubs and jacuzzis? They certainly go the extra mile in creating an in-home spa experience! Sauna’s come in different sizes to accommodate the space of your bathroom, from 2-person saunas to 5-7 person saunas. The natural wood used for bathroom saunas also adds a warm and comforting element to the room. 

Style with Tile 

Tile has only become more versatile, especially in the past few years, and there are so many ways to add tile accents to your bathroom. What makes tile so special is that it can be made to look like any other material such as stone or wood. Tile is also one of the best materials to use in a bathroom because of how functional and durable it is. It can also be made in almost any size, from smaller shapes to use in showers to larger forms for flooring and countertops. 

Technology in the Bathroom 

Even if you’re not looking to remodel your master bathroom suite into a smart bathroom, there are still plenty of trends that include technology in the bathroom. Showerheads with Bluetooth speakers are a common necessity for music lovers. We are also seeing waterproof televisions becoming a more popular addition inside showers or walls adjacent to bathtubs. Heated floors and towel racks also continue to be popular, and you can even find cooling cabinets now for your medications and skin care products. 

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