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7 Must-Haves for Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is commonly the largest bedroom in the house and a refuge for homeowners to escape from everyday life. If you’re interested in a full master bedroom renovation, give WPL Interior Design a call or fill out our online design inquiry form. We’d be happy to discuss the vision you have for your future personal haven. And if you’re just looking for some direction to spruce up your space, we can help with that, too! Here are a few master bedroom ideas that our clients love to include. 

Luxurious Bedding 

We spend about a third of our lifetime sleeping, so why would anyone think of skimping out on the comfort of our beds? Invest in a quality mattress that is comfortable for both you and your partner. Additionally, don’t be afraid to spend extra on linens and bedding that feels best for you; it will truly enhance your beauty sleep. Even purchasing bedding sets in your favorite color or with designs that match the rest of the room can help enhance your mood and make you feel more relaxed! 

7 Must-Haves for Your Master Bedroom | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Blackout Window Treatments 

Light-blocking window treatments are another great bedroom feature that can help you have a more restful night’s sleep. If you have an east-facing window, then blackout blinds or heavy drapes are even more of a necessity! You can hang layers of window treatments to be able to adjust the amount of light you let into the room. Many clients also opt for custom blinds and shades that are motorized for more convenience and added style in the bedroom. 

7 Must-Haves for Your Master Bedroom | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

More Privacy 

If you have the space, you may think about turning your master bedroom into a master suite by adding a bathroom and walk-in closet or dressing area. Most homeowners may agree that a plain bedroom doesn’t offer enough closet space, so why not create a luxury walk-in closet? Include a full-length mirror, shoe racks, and other extras that help you better organize your clothing and accessories.  

Bathroom additions to homes have also proven to be an investment that improves home value, and homeowners have been investing more time and money into their master baths. Separate his and her bathrooms have started becoming more a trend, while more spacious master baths are now considered a must-have for the master suite. 

Reading Lights 

For those who enjoy reading in bed, reading lights are a must-have. And for couples who like to read? Consider reading lights that can be separately controlled! Floor lamps and lamps on nightstands are the most common way to offer lighting to both sides of the bed. Separately controlled wall scones or remote-controlled lighting fixtures with dimming features are also options that can add more style and elegance to your bedroom. 

A Theatrical Experience 

If you love watching late night movies then adding a large television into your bedroom is a no-brainer. While not everyone loves the idea of a tempting television in the bedroom, TV technology has advanced enough that we can have TVs in our bedrooms without them even looking like TVs! Samsung’s Frame TV can be used to display different gallery art pieces that aren’t bright enough to disturb your sleep. It will also turn off and on based on motion sensors to save energy. 

7 Must-Haves for Your Master Bedroom | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Personal Seating Area 

Having a separate seating area in the master bedroom allows you to have an extra area, other than the bed, to relax. It also provides an area to put on your socks and shoes without damaging the edge of your bed over time. Even if you have limited space, just adding a comfortable chair can be enough to add extra style and comfort to your bedroom. But you can also create a more thought-out area with a table to hold your belongings and a lamp for reading. 

7 Must-Haves for Your Master Bedroom | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Extra Outlets and USB Ports 

Lastly, there is nothing more frustrating than waking up and realizing your phone is almost out of battery. It’s equally as frustrating to not have an accessible place to plug in all of your necessary electronics. Nowadays, adding extra outlets and USB ports isn’t difficult – nightstands, lamps, alarm clocks, and even adjustable bed frames may come with extra USB ports or outlets to plug in your phone, tablet, and more. 

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