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You don’t have to plan for a full remodel to update the look of your home. A simple refresh can be easily achievable by moving things around or replacing just a few key items. Here are some ideas on how you can change things up without too much trouble.

New Rugs

6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Home Decor | WPL Interior Design
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A well-placed rug can be the unifying piece in any room. Rugs can tie in the rest of a room’s decor and they can also anchor your space and make it feel more put-together. In an open plan, a rug can help organize boundaries within a larger configuration. Rugs make a big difference because they allow you to add more color, pattern, shapes, and texture to your rooms.

Swap a Light Fixture

6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Home Decor | WPL Interior Design
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Brass, gold, and antique styles continue to trend in the lighting world, but we are also seeing a rise in natural lighting styles like wicker, rattan, and bamboo. Lighting fixtures can drastically change the feel of a room; fixtures made of a natural material help bring a calming and spa-like quality to your home, whereas brass and gold contribute a more modern look. 

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making a comeback the past few years, resulting in the latest peel-and-stick trend. Adhesive wallpaper is a more budget-friendly option for homeowners who are looking for a change without making a full commitment. This is also a great way to spruce up a single wall or a small room.

Add New Hardware

6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Home Decor | WPL Interior Design
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Another easy way to make a small yet impactful change is by changing out the hardware in your home. This includes doorknobs, cabinet handles, and faucets. Just like light fixtures, gold continues to be the leading choice for kitchens and bathrooms. We are also keeping our eye on matte black finishes as those seem to be rising in popularity as well.

Color Refresh

6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Home Decor | WPL Interior Design
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We’re all aware that white is considered too conservative of a choice for homes these days; it’s on trend to choose your favorite colors for your home rather than sticking to what’s “safe.” If you’re unsure of what color is your favorite, blue continues to be a ruling color for kitchens and bathrooms, and shades of green are also rising in popularity.

Decor Switch

Improving your decor doesn’t necessarily mean buying new things. In fact, we are all about using what you already have to change things up! You can change your decor by simply moving pieces from one room to another or moving them around. Maybe the freestanding light in your bedroom would look better in your living room. Or maybe your living room set would look better at a different angle than how they are already placed. You may be surprised at how you can refresh a space just by changing the placement of a few items!

Our designers at WPL Interior Design are dedicated to making your home look and feel its best. Whether you’re redecorating or remodeling, we’re ready to get to work. Fill out our design inquiry form today and let us know how we can best serve you.

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