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Green Interior Design Trends of 2021

Sustainability design trends that we see today include products that can be used repeatedly in every space. Not only that, but many of these trends also consider the lifespan of home products. Consider the materials of your products, how long these items last, and how they can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. You’ll also find that not only do these trends help improve the quality of our planet, but they often also reduce other home maintenance costs, too. Beneficial for all, here are some rising trends in green interior design for this year.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Naturally sourced fabrics are a significant component in green interior design. These fabrics include banana fiber, Afghan wool, hemp fabrics, seagrass, linen, burlap, and raw cotton. Not only do they come in a variety of textures, but they are also capable of being ethically sourced.

A variety of direct-to-consumer companies are also encouraging spaces that reflect who you are with custom furniture that uses sustainable materials. According to Forbes, the demand for eco-friendly products has significantly increased, making access to these items, like fabrics, easier to find.

Natural Furniture

Sustainable Design Trends of 2021 | WPL Interior Design
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With sustainable design trends making significant progress, vintage pieces of wicker furniture are making a comeback. The same is true of rattan furniture. These pieces of furniture don’t just include chairs, but tables, bed frames, nightstands, and more. In addition to their sustainable qualities, these pieces of furniture also add more texture and interest to your decor.

Palettes of Green

Sustainable Design Trends of 2021 | WPL Interior Design

Green has long been recognized as a natural color that symbolizes the natural world around us, so incorporating a green palette fits into an eco-friendly design. You can play with wall textures, different shades, and a variety of visual accents. Suggestions include an accent wall, or a vignette of green shades incorporated into a neutral palette, such as with wall art, bedding, or light fixtures. Pillows add excellent pops of color if you’ve decided to add color to an otherwise neutral background.

Energy Smart Design

Energy efficiency is crucial to getting the most out of your eco-friendly interior. At the same time, we love our air conditioning, so what needs to be done? Making sure major appliances are energy smart is easy to do thanks to ENERGY STAR markings and other certifications. You can also equip your home with solar panels and energy-efficient windows. As a result, your heating and cooling become much easier to handle for the environment and on your wallet.

Smart Home Technology

Sustainable Design Trends of 2021 | WPL Interior Design
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Smart tech has come a long way since the mid-1960s, when the first smart home devices were invented. Today, smart home devices are relatively common because they’re more affordable and also encourage sustainable living. Having the best smart home technology means that your home is not going to use more energy than you need. Current trends also include easy access via your smartphone, scheduling appliances and lights remotely while staying connected with your home and family.

As consumers are more internet-savvy today, they see the global impact of their choices. More homeowners are demanding eco-friendly interior design that complements their desire for smart home technology. As many new technologies continue to emerge in the eco-design space, WPL Interior Design is here to help find the right combination of green interior design and your personal aesthetic. Let us give you a helping hand in maximizing your space, whether physically, aesthetically, or sustainably. Fill out our design form today to start on your next home project!

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