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8 Trends That Are Untrending

Every year, we see new trends rise in popularity. In the past few years, more homeowners are incorporating color into their designs, prints are getting bigger and bolder, and space is being utilized more efficiently but in a stylish way. But sometimes, as one trend grows in popularity, another one is dying down. Here are some trends we notice are on their way out of the limelight.

Open Plan Home Offices

This year’s pandemic has resulted in more people working and schooling from home. This has shown that open-plan working spaces in the home do not work, especially when multiple people are video conferencing at the same time. We are seeing more people repurpose rooms with doors and finding other solutions to create more private and productive spaces for themselves.

Platform Tubs

Platform tubs are becoming less popular to freestanding tubs which take up less space. This allows homeowners to have more flexibility in their overall bathroom design. Without a platform, your bathroom will have more space for larger vanities, showers, or other additions. 

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks can be a beautiful addition for your bathroom or kitchen, but they are not always the most practical choice for homeowners. They require more care and attention to keep clean and are also more susceptible to instability on top of their vanity over time. This does not mean that vessel sinks are bad, but we might recommend them more for guest baths instead of rooms with heavy sink usage.

Matching Furniture

Homeowners are opting to mix and match furniture pieces instead of buying whole matching sets. This allows more room for creativity and self-expression. You can still get matching bedroom, dining room, and living room sets, but we are seeing manufacturers offer less of these matching furniture sets and, instead, offer more variety and designs for individual furniture pieces.

Barn Doors

The rustic farmhouse look has been an ongoing trend for the past few years, which led to homeowners installing sliding barn doors to their rooms. There are still plenty of modern farmhouse trends that are going strong, but barn doors are no longer an ideal choice. Their sliding mechanisms can get noisy depending on how you install them and the doors themselves do not insulate sound. 

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have long been the preferred choice for kitchen countertops. Even though they are still one of the more popular selections, we think they will soon be second to quartz. Quartz is a manmade material combining natural stones with polymer resins. It looks just like natural stone, though, and it has a wider variety of color and pattern selection than granite. Additionally, it’s a lot more durable than granite and doesn’t need to be resealed. It’s only a matter of time for quartz countertops to become the top choice.

Faux Finishes and Distressed Decor

There may be a time and place for distressed decor, but people are veering away from an entirely “shabby chic” aesthetic for their homes. Too much of it can make a home look worn out, old, and lack authenticity. We recommending choosing faux when it’s the more ethical or sustainable choice, and not using it as an overarching theme.

Accent Walls

Now that colors and large wallpaper prints are becoming more popular, there is almost no need for an accent wall anymore! Instead, we are seeing more homeowners paint and wallpaper entire rooms for a more bold and vibrant effect.

It’s always interesting to see what trends are in and which ones are on their way out. However, it’s not necessary to make decisions for your home based on what’s trending; trends come and go so quickly and just because something isn’t trending doesn’t mean it won’t work for your home. Your lifestyle and your taste are the most important factors to consider when planning out your home design. Our designers at WPL Interior Design are available to walk you through all the decisions, both big and small, for your next home project. Whether you are planning on designing new construction or a remodel, we’re ready to get to work! 

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