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Save Your Home from These Home Reno Mistakes

Quality interior design is all about making intentional choices for both beauty and function that are specific to your lifestyle. Finding inspiration from other homes and design magazines is a great way to start, but merely copying something you saw is one of the common home renovation mistakes homeowners make. Sure, you may end up with a beautiful end result, but you may find that it doesn’t actually quite work with your daily routine. That’s why it’s important to plan out your vision and home goals before starting on your next home renovation project.

As interior designers, we see a lot of great ideas all the time, so we understand when homeowners come to us with a million great ideas for their next home renovation. While there is a lot of great design out there, it is very easy to get carried away with your vision and to over-design. Read on for more home renovation mistakes to avoid!

Buying Before Planning

There is nothing more fun than shopping for new decor. It may seem harmless to buy a piece that catches your eye here and there, but this is a very easy way to overspend a budget you may not have even set yet. It can also be dangerous to buy things for space you haven’t measured; for example, you don’t want to buy a dining table that is too large for your dining space! Additionally, you want to make sure to keep track of your inventory when making purchases. Otherwise, you will end up with a lot of beautiful pieces that don’t quite work together. It is best to make purchases only after you have a clear budget and a cohesive design plan in mind.

Copying Trends Without Intention

Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s the best design decision for you. We love seeing what’s in and what’s out, but trends come and go so quickly! Ultimately, we want to take your creative vision and plan out a timeless design around your style. If there is a particular trend you love, put it on your inspiration board and we’ll figure out how to make it happen with your own personal twist.

Making Rogue Decisions

One of the common home renovation mistakes is by not looking at the big picture. What we mean is, you want to make sure your entire home is cohesive, even if you’re not renovating every room. Make sure every decision you make works with all the other decisions made. If you decide to make a change in your renovation plan, that’s okay. But if it doesn’t work with your current design plan, then it’s important to revisit your design to make any necessary changes.

Ignoring Professional Advice

It’s best practice for homebuyers to get an inspection to make sure their new house is in good shape. In the same way, we recommend getting a professional opinion before making any major design decisions. A structural engineer can point out which walls in your home can be torn down and which ones are load-bearing. An architect can help you add a room to your home. A lighting designer can help you implement an effective lighting design for a room that needs more illumination. A second opinion for major changes will ensure your home is up-to-code to avoid costly problems down the road.

Not Hiring an Interior Design

Speaking of consulting, hiring an interior designer is a great way to avoid all the above mistakes! Even if you plan on overseeing your own contractors, having an interior designer from the beginning can help you ensure that your project plan is functional and up to industry-standard. The last thing you want for your project is to overspend on a space that doesn’t end up being cohesive or functional. We also have contacts with other contractors and can advise you when it’s best to get a second opinion for your home project.

Our designers at WPL Interior Design are dedicated to helping you realize your dream home into reality. We’re here to make sure you don’t get sidetracked away from your end goal and that you stay within your budget. Renovations always involve a lot of details and moving pieces; it’s a lot of work but we’re here to make sure everything gets done as painlessly as possible! Fill out our design inquiry form today and let’s get started on your next home renovation.

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