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Which artwork should you buy?

Art is a very subjective thing. What makes one person smile can make another person cringe.   Most of us have developed opinions or biases of what we like or don’t like from our experiences, childhood, travels, education, exposure, or lack of any of the above. All these factors influence our taste and opinions as to what we like and as to which type of artwork appeals to us personally. These are impressions on our preferences that are hard to let go. We always suggest you collect art that you like and artists whose work appeal to you and draws you in.

While art can be a great investment it is very difficult to always pick something that will appreciate in value. Not everything will be worth more someday. But those pieces that skyrocket in value can make up for a lot of mistakes.   If you buy what you like your return on investment will be immediate joy from looking at that piece of art everyday, and at the very least, beautiful things you like and appreciate will surround you. Then any financial gain is an added bonus, icing on the cake as it were.

We are frequently asked if the art should match the color scheme in the room. In other words should the art match the sofa? No. If by chance it does, that’s fine but that is not how one should select art. Again, buy what you like. If it appeals to you and your interior also reflects your taste then it should all work well together. Also, do not be afraid to mix many styles and medium. Actually we prefer it. It adds a richness, texture and world collector vibe to your art collection. Do you always eat the same food, listen to the same music or always drink the same wine? Variety is the spice of life, and variety in your art collection will make it much more fun and much more interesting to live with.

We love to collect all types of art, oil paintings, prints, watercolors, drawings, photographs, pastels, vintage posters and sculpture and we always find a place to hang clients’ treasures. Once you buy a piece you like, and frame it properly to compliment the art, then the challenge is showcasing it in the perfect place in your home, but that’s our job and we do it very well. As art collectors we love to work with a client’s art.

So remember to buy art that you like. If you want to know more about art we can help you select the perfect piece with your style in mind. We also have a large collections in our shop!

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