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How do you set up your bar or drinks counter when entertaining in your home? We find a lot of people use the kitchen because they associate the bar with requiring plumbing. But we also constantly hear the complaint that “everyone always gathers in the kitchen”. One way to get the party out of the kitchen and into the living room or family room is via a bar cabinet or bar cart.

There are many cabinets and carts on the market that are specifically made as bars to house supplies, liquor, accoutrement and which allow you or your guests a surface to mix drinks. Involving your guests in the drink making process gets them out of your hair in the kitchen and makes for an elegant display and conversation piece in your living room. Many of these bars are truly beautiful cabinets on the outside which surprising details such as lighting and mirrors on the inside. Either opened or closed they are truly gorgeous pieces. The added bonus of putting a bar cabinet in your room is they do not take up as much space or cost as much as a custom built-in bar that you may decide someday you do not want anymore. A cabinet is easier to move or repurpose in the future.

If you do not want to invest in an elegant bar cabinet even a cabinet with some doors and drawers can be repurposed as a drinks cabinet. As long as there is storage below and a surface to work on an antique chest or modern case piece can work as your bar. The key is you don’t need plumbing if you arrange it properly. Using a tray, two ice buckets (for clean and used ice) and wine buckets prevents any spillage on your cabinetry. Keep bottled water and mixers in the cabinet or a pitcher of water on the top. Checking the cabinet every so often gets you into the room with your guests and out of the kitchen. You can also designate a family member or friend to keep an eye on the bar. In the end it is better for you to go to your guests than have them in your way in the kitchen. So next time you are entertaining in your home consider a bar cabinet.


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