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What is going on in the bathroom these days that hasn’t been going on for centuries?   The answer: a lot!! We have been seeing some definite trends over the past few years that are continuing to gain momentum. Here are our top picks.

• Showers are Getting Larger

The shower is becoming a Zen like spa with more space, places to sit, body sprays and many sources of water from overhead and the side walls. These big open spaces sometimes don’t even have shower doors and don’t need them due to their size.

• The Bathtub is Disappearing or Transforming into Art

The large vast bathtub deck with all of its wasted space is dying and the free-standing vessel tub with artistic style and sculptural forms is taking its place. These objet d’art are becoming stand-alone works of art in the bathroom.

• Vanities are Being Separated or At Least Elongated

Sharing a king-size bed is one thing but in the bathroom men and women want separate vanities. We are seeing his and her vanities in most new master bathrooms and if space doesn’t allow for it then much space exists between two sinks. 

• Toilets are Back in the Water Closet

The water closet is back. With big beautiful baths that have large showers, free-standing tubs and two vanities, no one wants to use a toilet in these large rooms and feel like you are on display and no one wants to use the room if you do. So the toilet is getting a small room of its own and isn’t that ideal for privacy and noise and odor control?

• Bells and Whistles

Other trends that are becoming popular in bathrooms especially large master bathroom suites are heated floors, heated towel racks, music and television, windows with a great view, linen closets, steam rooms and saunas, secondary laundry facilities, great lighting, fireplaces and toilets that are also bidets.

All of this is surrounded by exquisite tile. Never before have we seen such an explosion in an industry. The days of boring plain tile are over. There are so many available high quality, beautiful and unique tiles in every style, texture and color. But that’s a subject for another blog post. Stay tuned.

For more information on designing your ideal bathroom, contact our team today!

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