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Beautiful Appliances for Small Kitchen Spaces

Many clients would consider their kitchen to be a sacred and personal space, so when it comes to moving or downsizing into a smaller home, the kitchen may be the hardest room to minimize. The good news is that having a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your kitchen. In fact, there’s quite a variety of appliances for small kitchen spaces, and the technology of such appliances is more innovative than ever. 

Leading appliance brands offer a variety of slim-fit and built-in appliances that are specifically designed for smaller kitchens. Whether you are downsizing to a small space or designing a small kitchen for a second home, here are a few solutions that will make your kitchen continue to stand out. 

Our Favorite Appliance Brands for Small Kitchens 

Wolf Cooktops and Ovens 

Our clients love Wolf stove tops and ovens! So we’re happy to see Wolf designing such appliances for small kitchen spaces, too. They offer both a 15” transitional gas stove top and a 24” contemporary induction stovetop, depending on your cooking needs and what fits best in your home. The 24” induction stove top can be installed flush against your countertop for a sleek and clutter-free look. 

Wolf’s 24” E-series transitional built-in single oven is also great for small spaces while providing a professional cooking experience. It comes with a variety of modes, such as convection roast, proof, and dehydrate. Just like a standard oven, it has double-panel glass door windows and comes with self-clean and quick preheat options.

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Additionally, Wolf offers three different types of 24” microwaves: a transitional drawer microwave, convection microwave oven, or their E-series transitional drop-down door microwave oven, all of which can be installed into your cabinetry to help maximize counter space while still coordinating with other Wolf built-ins and appliances. All three models come with warming modes, sensor cooking, and “gourmet mode”. 

Photo from SubZero-Wolf

Sub-Zero Refrigeration 

Sub-Zero’s designer column refrigerator and freezers come in a variety of choices; both the column style and drawer style refrigeration appliances come panel ready, which means you can use custom panels to create an integrated look with your cabinetry or other appliances. Even the handles are changeable for a cohesive look across your kitchen. If you are aiming for a smarter kitchen, Sub-Zero’s designer column refrigeration comes with WiFi connectivity so you can control your fridge remotely. 

Sub-Zero also offers 18” and 24” designer wine storage, which, like its refrigerators, are panel ready for an integrated kitchen look. Their wine storage allows you to store both reds and whites in separate temperature zones. If a full panel wine storage doesn’t quite fit into your kitchen space, Sub-Zero also offers 24” undercounter wine or beverage storage that can be installed almost anywhere. 

Photo from SubZero-Wolf
Photo from SubZero-Wolf


We can’t mention both Wolf and Sub-Zero without talking about Cove, as well. Pair your Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances with Cove’s 24” dishwasher. Cove’s dishwasher comes with a height-adjustable middle rack and fold-down tines, which allows you to wash all types of dishes regardless of their shape or size. You can also monitor your dishwashing cycle process, or start a new cycle, remotely. 

Like the other Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances mentioned above, Cove’s dishwasher comes panel ready for a sophisticated look. You can either choose a design that matches your other appliances or order custom panels that match the rest of your kitchen design. 

built in appliances for small kitchen spaces
Photo by Jay Greene Photography


Bosch has their own line of 18” and 24” appliances for small kitchen spaces. Their 500 series pull out hood pairs perfectly with the 24” cook top. What makes their vent hood so special? It installs flush with your cabinetry and allows you to close the hood when not in use. This way, your kitchen always looks clean and spacious. 

Along the same lines, Bosch has their 500 series 24” single wall oven that is designed to be installed flush with your cabinetry. Or, you have the space for regular-sized appliances, check out their Benchmark series, which offers built-in refrigeration, cooktops, wall ovens, and dishwashers. In fact, their 24” Benchmark dishwasher is marketed as “the quietest dishwasher in the USA” at only 38 dBA. 


The first wall oven and cook top was first invented by Thermador in 1947. Thermador also introduced the world to stainless steel home appliances. Their legacy continues today with their beautiful Masterpiece and Professional stainless steel wall ovens. Install them with your preferred cook top; Thermador offers gas, induction, and electric options to ensure the right one fits your home. If you prefer a range top, they offer a variety of sizes that are 24” deep and sit flush with your cabinets. 

Thermador’s Freedom Refrigeration Collection also gives plenty of options. Their refrigerators and freezers can be installed with custom panels for the hidden kitchen look. Or, you could choose to install their 24” under-counter double drawer refrigerator and freezer. Even installed under the counter, it still comes with an automatic ice maker and different refrigerator modes. 

Other Space-Saving Tips and Appliances 

Evaluate how you use your kitchen and what appliances you use the most. This will help you decide the right appliances to get. For most homeowners, having a stove and refrigerator are no-brainers. But what about your other appliances?  

This all depends on a couple of factors. How much space do you have to work with? What are “must-haves” in your kitchen? For instance, Wolf, Bosch, and Thermador all make built-in coffee machines for true coffee aficionados. Wolf also makes modular grills, steamers, and built-in cup warmers. 

Design the perfect kitchen today with WPL Interior Design. Let us know what you’re looking to get out of your new kitchen! We’ll guide you on how to best maximize your new space. If your space is limited, we’ll focus on finding the best appliances designed for small kitchens; your kitchen will work for you in any and every occasion. Fill out our design inquiry form today to get started.

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