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Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

It’s hot and humid here in Philadelphia but summer time is still the season when everyone loves to spend time outdoors. Maybe it’s because being outside helps us de-stress, get some fresh air, and clear up mental fatigue. That’s why one great way to add value to your home is by adding or updating your outdoor living space design.  

When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless. You could extend your living room to the outdoors, creating an indoor-outdoor experience. Or perhaps adding a second story deck outside your master bedroom. Depending on how you and your family like spending your time, there are thousands of ways to create the perfect outdoor living space. 

Designing Outdoor Living Spaces 

It’s not required to have a very large space to have an outdoor living space, although the amount of space you have available should definitely be taken into consideration. In addition to seeing how much space you have to work with, consider: 

  • What shape will your end result look like? 
  • What goals do you want to achieve with her outdoor living room? Do you want it to have privacy, be a social environment, etc. 
  • Where do you want your outdoor living space to be? Ground floor, second floor, rooftop, behind the house, etc. 
  • What’s the current style of your home? 
  • What’s your budget
Photo by Jay Greene Photography
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

3 Trends for Outdoor Living Rooms 

Bringing the Indoors Outside 

Last year, we saw the blooming trend of mixing indoor and outdoor furniture. More than a trend, it’s truly opened up the doors for creating luxurious and elevated outdoor spaces. For those that have the square footage, this includes outdoor kitchens and dining areas, which are becoming quite common. You can find appliances, counter tops, and dining sets that are especially designed to withstand outdoor climates. 

Photo by Jay Greene Photography
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

But even if you’re not looking to add a kitchen outdoors, the furniture selection for patios, decks, and outdoor lounges are becoming a lot more versatile. Outdoor furniture is not just made out of boring or flimsy plastic anymore! Instead, you can find furniture made of all different designs and materials to create a trendy space that matches with your interior decor and style. 

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Make it Smart 

Homes are only getting smarter, even outdoors! Enhance your outdoor living space design with automated lighting systems and Bluetooth speakers. Furthermore, there are many electronics that are designed to blend with your landscape, such as hidden speakers with stone finishes or all-weather televisions for the outdoors.  

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Adding Boundaries 

Do you value your privacy? Or maybe you want to enjoy the outdoors without fully being outdoors. There are many ways you can frame an exterior living room without closing it off with drywall. Structurally, you can find some outdoor living space designs that have an arch, trellis, or doorway; not only does this add interest to the architecture of your home, but having an open entrance still gives off the illusion of a private area. 

Photo by Jay Greene Photography

However, it’s not practical for everyone to add new construction to their outdoor spaces. Fencing, screened walls, curtains, and landscape borders are all fantastic solutions to creating some boundaries. WPL Interior Design can help you consider the types of materials, colors, and style you want out of your space and tie in all those small details together. If you’re interested in upgrading your outdoor living space or any other part of your home, give WPL Interior Design a call today at 215-592-9570. 

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