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Choosing the Perfect Floral Centerpieces for Your Home

The annual Philadelphia Flower Show (PFS) began in 1892 by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and this year’s event just ended this past weekend. It continues to be the nation’s largest and longest-running horticultural event. Every year, horticulturalists and floral designers come from around the world to show off their skills through competition and demonstrations. The PFS show features amazing garden displays while introducing new plant varieties, garden concepts, and sustainable initiatives. This year’s theme was Flower Power and, with Spring just a week away, we were inspired to look at the benefits and aesthetics of having showstopping florals in the home.

The Benefits of Flowers

According to a 10-month study by Rutgers University, flowers are a natural moderator of moods. The study showed that not only does receiving flowers improve moods and reduce anxiety and depression, but even the presence of flowers led to closer relationships between friends and family. Additionally, the most common spaces to display flowers were shared spaces that were open to visitors, including foyers, living rooms, and dining rooms.

How to Find the Perfect Floral Centerpieces for Your Home

Go Big or Go Home

Create your own flower show by using large, floral centerpieces to impress your guests. Even one large centerpiece can make a difference in your home’s aesthetic without making any other design changes. If your space is mostly neutral colors, go for a bright and lively color. Or, let the vase be the centerpiece, filled with white flowers. Hydrangeas, sunflowers, peonies, and tulips are perfect flowers to help you make a statement.

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Real vs Faux

Faux florals are no longer considered old-fashioned. In fact, they’re becoming a huge trend; not only do they look very realistic, but they also don’t need to be maintained and are great for anyone with allergies! Silk flowers are one of the best alternatives to fresh flowers. Not only do they look real, but many are also made to feel like real flowers.

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Holiday Trends

There may be specific types of plants and flowers you think of every season or holiday. Popular spring flowers include tulips, lilacs, daffodils, and hyacinths. Amaryllis, poinsettias, and holly are great for the holidays. Adding the right plants during their respective seasons is an easy way to dramatically make your home more festive.

Other Ways to Add Florals to Your Home

Speaking of flowers, there are a lot more ways to add florals to your home than having an actual plant. Bold prints have become huge trends, many of them featuring plants of all types; you can fill a room with flowers without taking up any space with the many floral prints available on modern wallpaper. Accent pillows and reupholstered furniture are also ways you can add more florals into your decor.

Whether you’re looking to wow your guests with big, floral centerpieces, or looking for something more subdued for your general decor, WPL Interior Design is here to help. We work with you to ensure that your home reflects your personality and style, as well as functions exactly the way you want. Fill out our design inquiry form today to set up a consultation.

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