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Outliving Trends with Timeless Flooring Options

While the flooring industry is ever-evolving, some types of flooring remain timeless. Wood and tile reign supreme among different types of flooring materials with exciting innovations emerging year after year. Though not as high in demand, carpet has yet to fade out with interesting advances of its own. Whichever you choose, there are options that will outlive trends for decades to come.

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Solid or engineered, wood is number one among the different types of flooring materials in residential spaces. Solid hardwood flooring lasts a lifetime and ages well, helping to increase your home’s value. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is making its way into homes as well in different varieties; the incredibly rare American Chestnut is only available in this form.

Manufacturers like to highlight the character of wood in new designs, making sure to feature the right number of blemishes, cracks, and wormholes. Furthermore, this hypoallergenic option is easy to clean and maintain. Long-term maintenance may include sanding or refinishing instead of having to replace flooring. If you have children or pets, you can choose more resilient types of wood, like red oak, which will hold up much better than softer types, such as pine.

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Engineered Wood

Engineered wood may appeal to those who are environmentally conscious because it uses fewer trees. This flooring option stands out because it can be installed all throughout the home and does not contract or expand as much as solid hardwood does. With a variety of finishes, colors, and species available, it is easy to find options that suit your style. For those in colder regions, engineered wood additionally works with radiant heat. Exciting innovations include pet-friendly (ex. Nydree Flooring’s “Hardwoof” collection) and waterproof options anticipated to release later this year.

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Top Photos: Jay Greene Photography  // Bottom Photo: Shutterstock

Tile Flooring Options

The tile industry is booming and has grown from previously limited options of basic, stone, ceramic, and glass. Today, you can find tile made from metal and wood, too. There is no question of tile’s longevity among all the types of flooring; it has been used for thousands of years in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Turkey. Part of tile’s appeal is its incredibly versatility. Tile works well in humid environments because it is waterproof and does not mold, buckle, or warp. Therefore, you often see tile in kitchens and bathrooms. If you are concerned about how cold tile can be, heated options are also available. Additionally, tile can mimic slate to create a clean yet edgy style, or marble for a classic and luxurious vibe.

Ink jet technology is one of the latest innovations with tile flooring. This technology allows tiles to take on the appearance of concrete, stone, or wood, while maintaining its benefits of easy maintenance and durability. Furthermore, gauged porcelain tile panels are becoming more prevalent, particularly in higher-end residential spaces.

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Before you write off carpet, this flooring option remains present in residential spaces, though not as popular as wood and tile and perhaps more so limited to bedrooms. You can expect to see plush carpets in grays and cool blues – these colors have the greatest longevity and contribute to a better home resale value.

Environmentally conscious options are emerging and hold their own due to growing demand for environmentally responsible home options. A majority of carpets today are made in part from recycled materials, such as recycled plastic soda bottles. Manufacturers are starting to make carpet recyclable as well. This is important because Fast Company reported that about 3.5 billion pounds of carpet enter landfills every year. Additionally, pet-friendly carpet flooring is available, such as Anderson Tuftex’s Unleashed collection, which offers stain-resistant and durable fibers.

Currently, there are so many different types of flooring materials available, and it can be difficult to choose your favorite one! Our design team can present you with different options based on the aesthetic and function you’re looking for. To get started, fill out our design inquiry form.

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