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After many years of white and off-white rooms we are very pleased to report that color is making a comeback. We have seen a lot of evidence lately that this trend, while only in its infant stages, is beginning to take hold and growing in popularity. It seems many clients are tired of playing it safe and wanting to be a bit more bold in their decoration. Perhaps it is a form of personal expression and wanting to be unique and not have ones home look like everyone else’s home.

Recently at spring market in High Point we saw a growing trend of colorful rooms. We don’t mean an accent of color in a room but actual rooms with saturated color on the walls. This year’s Kips Bay Showhouse also featured several rooms with saturated and bold colors. We hope this trend continues because as designers we have been starved for color ourselves and have wanted to use more of it but it was not an easy sell up until now.

Frequently what is in fashion is a reflection of the political climate in a society. It is no surprise that after the Great Recession that people would be asking for more adventuresome decoration and would want more color in their homes. It’s a reflection of a less somber mood in the society as a whole.

What if you cannot commit to saturated color on all four walls? What about a big bold area rug or a big bold painting, an accent wall, colorful drapes, a painted ceiling, or just lots of colorful accessories? There are many ways to bring in color to your existing rooms.
We see a lot of trends and we are not a fan of all of them but this is one we really hope takes off and continues to grow in popularity. It is time to have some fun again and to add some color to our lives. Live a little, splash some color around your home.










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