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Dressing Up Your Fireplace Mantel

The cold weather has us prepping to get cozy, from drinking hot toddies to preparing the holiday decor above your fireplace mantel! The mantel presents itself as a great opportunity for decorating all year round. In the winter, however, it’s essential to follow fireplace safety, especially if you have a working fireplace! Do not hang or place any decorations too close to a burning fire and never leave a fire unattended. Also, keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency. 

Dressing Up Your Fireplace Mantel | WPL Interior Design
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Decor Ideas for Your Fireplace Mantel 

Classy and Minimal 

Even if you don’t consider yourself a seasonal decorator, there are simple and low-maintenance ways to turn your mantel into a beautiful focal point. Even just placing a few candles of different sizes next to each other can elevate your living room into elegance. For an easy holiday twist, place extra ornaments or decor in glass bowls or vases to place above your fireplace mantel. This provides a festive look with very little effort! 

Colors of the Season 

Liven up your home in a different way from the rest of the year by sticking to a holiday color palette. A blend of browns, oranges, and reds will add warmth to the fall season. You could also stick with red and green for Christmas or blue and silver for Hanukkah. Or you could go all white for a winter wonderland theme. 

Not into the traditional color palettes usually associated with the seasons or holidays? Make up your own! Vibrant pops of colors have continued to trend the past two years and you could bring some neon and pastel into your holiday season. Consider seasonal patterns, too! You can find ribbons, garlands, and other decor with patterns such as plaid, houndstooth, or holiday florals. 

Go Green 

Add green decor above your fireplace mantel for an elegant look that looks both seasonal and timeless! For added fragrance, use live plants; cedar, pine, and eucalyptus are wonderful for a scented display. Experiment with different sized plants and in different vessels, too. Juniper and magnolia will help add body to your arrangement, while sprigs of evergreen, pinecones, and cotton stems help accent the display.  

Festive Flowers 

Feeling the seasonal blues from the sun setting earlier? Brighten up your home with a variety of florals! Poinsettias and amaryllis are popular holiday favorites. Sweet peas, camellias, carnations, anemones, lilies, orchids, and jasmine are also wonderful winter florals that transition well into spring decor. Tulips and roses are also classic choices that people love all year round and can add even more color into your mantel decor.  

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