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How Interior Designers Work with Architects

It’s not uncommon for people to wonder what the difference is between architects and interior designers. Simply put, architects design from the outside-in and interior designers design from the inside-out. Although these two professions may seem interchangeable to some, they are actually two separate disciplines. In fact, it often benefits homeowners to hire both, especially when you’re considering new construction or undergoing a dramatic renovation. Read on to learn how interior designers work with architects as a team.

What Architects Do

Architects are in charge of drawing up the big pictures. They are required to know a lot about safety issues, building structures and load, permits and codes, energy calculations, and exterior materials. With a good and reliable architect, you can trust that your building will be solid and stable when construction is completed. If you decide to make any significant modifications to a home’s blueprint, it’s highly recommended to consult with an architect before making those changes to ensure a safe and sturdy home.

What Interior Designers Do

Once an architect has drawn up the plans for a client, interior designers then take the plan and detail the interior. While architects could technically do the same thing, we’ve seen master bedrooms without walls for a bed and other questionable interior layouts. Interior designers have more extensive training in creating practical floor plans that meet the needs of the client; we find the balance between form and function.

We also help clients select their interior finishes and furniture that will ultimately turn your house into a home. This means taking a look at your existing space and making it fit your needs; whether you want a home office, a basement theatre, or your own wine room, we can make it happen.

How Interior Designers Work with Architects | WPL Interior Design

Working as a Team

Knowing how interior designers work with architects can help homeowners feel more confident in their home’s end result. WPL Interior Design frequently works with other architects on large projects; we also have our own architect on staff for smaller projects. Although architects and interior designers specialize in different areas, it’s important for us to communicate with each other. At the end of the day, the client’s needs are our priority!

How Interior Designers Work with Architects | WPL Interior Design

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