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Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home, especially when it comes to remodeling! Whether your kitchen is an inventive place for new recipes or the hub of family gatherings, here are some ways to better organize your kitchen for comfort and style.

What’s Your Routine?

For most people, the goal of a well-organized kitchen is to increase efficiency and streamline your daily routines. Not only will this make your day-to-day more effortless but it will also make being in your kitchen more enjoyable! Consider your morning, afternoon, and nighttime routines and assess the items that are already stored in your cabinets. What types of dishes or food items are you reaching for the most? What pots, pans, or utensils do you use the most often? We want to create a kitchen that is easily functional and where everything has its place. Understanding your routine and what items you use the most will help you figure out what type of organization solutions you’ll need.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen | WPL Interior Design
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Doubling Favorites as Decor

The style of your kitchen is as important as its function, but not everyone has the room for extraneous decor items! Try doubling your favorite kitchen items, or items that may not be used often, as kitchen decor. You can show off your favorite serving trays, charcuterie boards, cake stands, and even regular plates and bowls. Display your fine china collection, which may not be used often, in harder-to-reach places, where they will stay safe but can still be admired.

Having some of your favorite items displayed in open areas will also let you know what items you have available to use when you need them. Of course, you don’t want your kitchen to look cluttered, so choose just a few select pieces at a time. You can always rotate items in and out of display to refresh the look of your kitchen.

Open Shelves vs Kitchen Cabinets

Open shelves have become a rising trend in kitchens in the past few years. They’re a great way to display your dishes as well as have easy access to items you use daily. For some homeowners, adding open shelves in the kitchen is easier on the budget while taking up less space than closed-door or freestanding cabinetry. However, open shelves can also be harder to keep clean and less forgiving when cluttered or disorganized.

If you’re looking for more storage space in your kitchen, you may consider installing overhead or base cabinets; a kitchen island may also be a beneficial addition. It’s always helpful to have extra storage space for seasonal items, cookbooks, or tools and appliances that are not often used.

Utilize Forgotten Spaces

Don’t forget to take advantage of any vertical or dead space in your kitchen! These are prime areas when it comes to extra storage space. Add shelves, cabinets, hanging rods, in small corners or in empty spaces above your sink and appliances. If your ceiling can accommodate it, consider adding hooks or mounts to hang pots and pans.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen | WPL Interior Design
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There are a million ways to configure a kitchen. WPL Interior Design is here to help find the best solution for your home. These are just a few suggestions on how to better organize and decorate your kitchen, but we’d love to hear more about your specific kitchen goals! Fill out our online design inquiry form today to get started on your next kitchen renovation.

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