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How to Choose the Right Dining Table

A good quality dining would live with you forever. At the very least, you’ll have it around between 5-10 years. While there are many furniture trends out there, homeowners often want to find a dining table that is classy and timeless. It should be able to adapt to your home’s decor, even if you decide to update or renovate.

Measure Your Dining Room

How to Choose the Right Dining Table | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Tom Crane

The first step in how to choose a dining table is to measure the space of your dining area. The goal is to make sure that everyone seated can comfortably dine as well as pull their chair back to leave the table. A general rule of thumb is to account for at least 3 feet of breathing room around your dining area. Using painters tape to block out your ideal table measurements will give you a better visual idea of how your table will look in the space. You should also consider any other decor in the room, like houseplants, china cabinets, or freestanding fixtures, to avoid an unexpectedly crowded room.

Decide on a Shape

Most people probably think of dining tables as squares or rectangles, which are the most common shapes that should fit in at least a formal dining room. However, round tables are becoming a more popular choice for homeowners who have downsized or moved to a smaller space. A round dining table will work better in homes with smaller dining rooms or dining nooks. If your dining area is rectangular shaped, though, stick with a square or rectangle dining table.

How to Choose the Right Dining Table | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Other options to consider are tables that have extendable panels. This will allow you to customize the shape and size of your table when needed. Of course, always keep in mind the measurements of your dining area. You don’t want to get an extendable table without having the room to accommodate it!

Don’t Forget the Chairs

Lastly, it’s time to find the ideal chairs to match your dining table. You can still purchase dining sets that have matching tables and chairs, but, these days, it’s common practice to mix and match tables and chairs. Before going chair shopping, make sure to have your dining table’s measurements in tow; we want to ensure that you and your diners are seated at a comfortable eating height with enough side-to-side space!

How to Choose the Right Dining Table | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

As you can see, a lot of thought can be put into choosing just a single piece of furniture for your home. That’s why so many customers rely on WPL Interior Design. We keep track of all the details while staying focused on your end goals. From new construction to remodeling your current home to just updating a single room, we’re here to help. Give our design team a call today at 215-592-9570 to see what we can do for you!

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