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In the past two years, we’ve continuously talked about how bold prints and pops of color are making their way into more homes. But they are not the only ways to draw attention into your space. 3D wall panels and textured walls are also trending when it comes to adding depth and dimension into your home.

3D Double Take

In the past, 3D wallpaper and murals could easily cross into tacky territory. But now, printing technology has come a long way and you can make your walls look like they have texture with a flat wallpaper. Large floral prints continue to trend this year as well as abstract geometric patterns.

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geometric cube 3d wallpaper pattern

Walls That Actually Pop Out

Why settle for a flat wallpaper when you can install wall panels with actual texture? Often seen in boutique hotels and high end lounges, homeowners have discovered how to level up their homes with three dimensional wall panels. These types of panels can be made from a variety of materials like wood, glass, acrylic, gypsum, and more. 3D wall panels come in a variety of shapes, designs, and texture to help add modern sophistication into your space.

living room set in front of 3d wall panels

Why You’ll Love 3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels can be used in any type of interior room. You can find panels that are fire-resistant, durable against moisture, biodegradable, or with other desirable properties. They don’t take long to install and, despite their texture, many are easy to clean and maintain. Because they are so detailed and designed, these types of panels are usually used for accent walls, although some designs may work for all four walls in the right setting.

Textured wall panels are only one way to add a special detail to your home. Let us know what inspires you and our team of designers will help find the perfect element you’re looking for. Our mission at WPL Interior Design is to bring your personal taste and style into your home. Get started by filling out our design inquiry form today!

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