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The Beauty of Black Interiors

For a long time, homeowners have defaulted to white paint because it is safe and seems to offer a “blank canvas” for other decor. However, black has also been a popular color to use in design, although more as an accent than a focal point. But as bold and vibrant colors continue to trend, we are excited to see the color black expand its presence in many homes.

The Beauty of Black Interiors | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Vladimir Khomyakov

A black interior doesn’t have to be overcast, moody, or all-around dark. In fact, black mixes well with other materials like wood, stone, and metal. The color black may also help complement a room that gets a lot of natural light from windows and it can be a great tool in highlighting architectural details. When thoughtfully designed, you’ll find that the color black is not overbearing and that black interiors are not intimidating as one might think. Instead, black can turn any room into an exquisite and timeless space.

Photo by Adriano Pecchio

Using Black Paint

You may have heard before that dark-colored paint can make a space look smaller. And while that is true, it doesn’t mean that black paint is off limits to even small spaces. A room’s lighting is very important when it comes to using black paint. Black paint absorbs light and can make a room look stuffy and cramped when the lighting isn’t right. 

Dining room with black ceiling beams, black wooden pillars, black ceiling lamp, and black dining table
Photo by Igor Borodin

Black also comes in shades; you can find black paint with blue, violent, and brown undertones.  Use the right one that matches the rest of your decor and also make sure to use the correct sheen.

Styling Your Home with Black

You don’t necessarily need to use paint to make black the center of attention. Check out these inspiring images of how black remains the center of attention through furniture, flooring, and decor.

Bathroom with black and white tile, black tub, and black wall accent
Photo by Jodie Johnson
Living room with black window trim, black wall, and black and white zigzag rug
Photo by Jodie Johnson
Back cabinets over wooden wall in living room
Photo by JRP Studio

Whether you’re looking for black paint, furniture, flooring, or other types of decor, WPL Interior Design is here to help guide your way. We are dedicated to creating spaces that represent you and work with your lifestyle. Fill out our design form today to set up a consultation.

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