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One of the secrets to the picking the best paint colors is using the right paint companies’ samples. While there are many good companies we like, if you have ever selected paint colors with us, you know that we like Benjamin Moore a lot for interior paint. For the purposes of simplification, we will talk about that one specific paint company today and do other paint companies in the future.


Use Super White for the whitest white. This is a great white for crisp, clean, modern spaces. We use it a lot for walls, ceilings, and wood trim (baseboards, window and door casings, crown moldings).

Super-White-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0684 Super-White-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0685Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore


Use White Dove for a warmer white that still looks white against color. This is our number one ceiling color when doing anything other than a stark white modern space because it comes off as a warm white but still white and not a bluish white ceiling paint. It is a great wood trim color as well.

White-Dove-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0686Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore


Use Linen White for an even warmer white. This warm white has a bit of yellow in it with flesh undertones, so it works well with warmer colors and more traditional decorating, but not with today’s grayer tones which are popular.

linen-white-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0681 linen-white-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0682Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore


Spanish White, which is an even warmer saturated tone, can be described as an ecru, it runs towards yellow and is bordering on the beige family in value. When you need a warmer white because your other colors are washing out the other whites, this is a great warm white.

Spanish-White-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0683Photo Credit: WPL Design, Benjamin Moore


China White, with its more taupe undertones, mixes better with cool colors and earth-tones that run more towards the gray tones than the warm tones.

China-White-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0679Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore


Cloud Cover is a bit cooler still, we find this to be a great grayish off-white, that works well with today’s lighter, brighter and more contemporary interiors which are leaning towards cooler tones.

Cloud-Cover-Shades-of-White-Paint-Colors_0688Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Paint can make or break a space and choosing the right color is critical. Many paint companies allow you to order paper samples online so you can tape them up and see them on your walls. We highly recommend doing this and observing the swatches in many different types of light and many different times of day, including sunny and cloudy days. The costs of painting can be expensive, do not make a mistake by selecting the wrong color. Consult a professional when in doubt.


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