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If you are ready to begin collecting art but don’t know where to begin or what to buy, consider these tips.

  1. Buy what you like.

    Art is a very subjective thing, what makes one person smile can make another person cringe. Buy something you like and that you will enjoy looking at for many years. It could make you smile or remind you of something or someone, or a special trip. If you don’t know what you like, start looking, do some leg work, go see lots of galleries and shows before pulling the trigger.

  1. Consider your budget and how much art you need.

    How much do you have to spend and how many pieces do you need? Is your budget for one special piece above the fireplace or do you need art for several rooms? This will help you determine what type of art to buy.


  1. Choose your medium.

    Once you determine your budget you can narrow down which medium you should be considering. We love collecting and mixing all types of art; oil paintings, prints, watercolors, drawings, photographs, pastels, sketches, vintage posters, sculpture, glass, etc. Clearly not all types of art start at the same price point. If you can’t afford an oil painting, consider a work on paper, like a print, watercolor, pastel or pencil sketch.

  1. Know what size you are looking for.

    Size will affect price and although we always find a place for something we love, have an idea of what sizes your empty walls are before you go out looking.


  1. Ask advice and talk to experts.

    People in the art world love to talk about art. Ask questions, learn about artists and techniques and why one piece is more expensive than another piece. Talk to artists about their work, you will gain a better appreciation for it if you do.

  1. Once you buy a piece you like, make sure you frame it properly.

    A frame can make or break a picture. Make sure your piece of art is archival framed, otherwise it could get damaged by chemicals in the paper or sunlight.

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