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Furniture Trends: Bringing the Outdoors In

Many people find the outdoors calming and refreshing, so it makes sense that you want to get the outdoors into your home. Most bring plants inside, which is a great way to bring the outside inside easily. However, there are several indoor-outdoor furniture trends that bring in more than just nature into your home. These trends are also adding more style and durability to your indoor decor options.

Furniture Trends: Bringing the Outdoors In | WPL Interior Design

All About Natural Fibers

Many different materials are inspired by the outdoors and are perfectly suited to be brought indoors. Examples include rattan, wicker, jute, and hemp to make your inside feel as refreshing as the outdoors. From chairs to accent tables, rattan and wicker can be made into a variety of furniture styles.

Benches made of natural fibers and neutral colors look great in various places, from bedrooms to living rooms. The casual feel natural fibers offer makes living spaces feel comfortable. Add some natural-fiber pillows or throws, and you can seamlessly blend the outdoors and indoors with comfort and flair.

Furnish with Colors Inspired by the Outdoors

Imagine the color palette that exists in nature. For example, you have every shade of green, various blues, yellow, deep purple, and beautiful neutrals that exist everywhere. Do not be afraid of incorporating some of these colors into your furniture. Dark green couches scream luxury and harmonious existence with the outdoors with its beautiful emerald color.

The colors that you choose depend on the natural theme you want to recreate. If you want a garden, you may favor jewel tones like the deep greens and colors that remind you of flowers. If you want a more coastal feel, you would be looking at various tans and different shades of blue. Deciding what part of the outdoors appeals to you most will help you decide what color palette is best for your home.

Natural Materials

Furniture Trends: Bringing the Outdoors In | WPL Interior Design

Stone and wood can be made into gorgeous furniture pieces to add another layer of the outdoors indoors. In addition, reclaimed wood made into a custom coffee table or stone slabs cut into unique end tables offer striking accents. Stone coffee tables are great options with today’s indoor-outdoor furniture trends as you bring the outside inside. Or, how about a custom-made headboard to stylishly bring reclaimed wood into your home? There are many possibilities for your design.

Using Outdoor Rugs Inside

Natural fibers make fantastic rugs to bring indoors, too. Not only are they durable, but they also add an organic texture and pull everything together. You can choose patterns that align with your motif or pick a neutral with staying power as a bonus. If you have children or pets, natural rugs are a lot easier to clean, too. 

Eco-friendly materials, natural flooring, and natural lighting wonderfully complement indoor-outdoor furniture as you bring the outside inside. Put it all together, and you’ll have your own piece of the outdoors inside the comfort of your home.

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