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Grandmillenial Style: How to Get the Look

Grandmillenial Style or “Granny-Chic” is trending and we couldn’t be happier! Bold colors, bright patterns, and classic textures are just a few of the reasons this style is perfect for anyone!

Bold Colors

An accent chair is a perfect way to achieve this facet of Grandmillenial Style. Now you can incorporate lots of colors into any room.

Don’t feel like committing to a bright piece of furniture or wall color? No problem. Bright artwork can be a great way to bring bold color into the room. You can switch it out seasonally or change accent colors on a whim.

The possibilities are endless—click here for some more color inspiration!


Curtain patterns aren’t just found in your grandmother’s house anymore! Flower patterns, plaid, or linen curtains can bring a pop of color or a cozy feel to any room. Patterns can also be placed in throw pillows and blankets. They are an easy and interchangeable method if you’re still a little wary about these bold, but beautiful. choices.

Classic Textures

Linen is back, baby! Channel your inner Diane Keaton (Something’s Gotta Give – if you haven’t watched it, you definitely should). Textures are a great way to add depth to your home. Reupholster a seat, pillows, or a couch if you’re feeling daring! Use velvet accents and wooden picture frames—whatever you want!


One of our personal favorites—wallpaper. We have certainly come a long way with the functionality, design, and removal of wallpaper. Removable and adhesive wallpaper is a lifesaver for any renters who are nervous about damage to their walls with traditional wallpaper.

Pro-Tip: A perfect place to go crazy with your wallpaper choice is a half-bath. It adds just the right amount of fun to a traditionally boring room. Give your guests something to talk about!

Vintage Furniture

From the Victorian era to the 1970’s, it is all fair game! Fainting couches can go right beside an abstract piece of art in this wonderful style! Wood polishes and stains are a great way to bring some life back to older furniture pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, patterns, colors, or materials. In this style, anything goes.

Pro-Tip: Gloss all your furniture after staining or glossing. This will prevent scratching and paint peeling, as well as give your furniture a beautiful shine.

Flowers: The Finishing Touch!

Flowers include everything we love about Grandmillinial style. Bold colors, Depth, Textures, and certain color combos are a great way to tie everything together in a room. (And they can change with the seasons!)

If flowers aren’t in your aesthetic, try some succulents. Succulents are low-maintenance and colorful, so they are pretty much perfect.

Pro-Tip: Some faux flowers from your favorite craft store look pretty believable. Plus, it makes you look like you have a green thumb!

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