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The bar has been raised. The modern age of home construction is reaching new technological heights, and consumers are following suit. Known as the passive house, homeowners across the world are becoming increasingly uncompromising in their efforts toward carbon neutrality. 

Believe it or not, passive homes can be up to 90% more energy efficient than conventionally built homes. So what is passive home building, and why is it gaining traction?

What Is Passive Home Building?

Passive house construction is a meticulous, high-performance building standard that reduces a home’s energy needs. The aim is to design and create a “greener” house that is uniquely comfortable and healthy while using very little man-made power. 

Architects, builders, and engineers have begun to rethink how homes are built. Down to how they function as climate change weighs more heavily on modern consumers. The passive house is the beautiful culmination of this vital exploration: it is the epitome of energy efficiency. 

The Five Principles for Passive House Building

Five fundamental principles accomplish passive home building include: 

  • Proper Planning: Planning means you know exactly what you’re getting into, using the right materials, and having someone at the helm who knows what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Choosing The Correct Building Site: Building sites matter, and you must ensure you can build a passive home at your preferred location.
  • Superb Insulation And Airtight Construction: Insulation and airtight construction are vital to a passive house because they will naturally reduce your energy needs at home. 
  • Window Optimization: You want to ensure the windows are the best possible for your home, such as energy-star-rated windows.
  • Superior Ventilation: Ventilation that is installed correctly will ensure the stale air is removed from your home while keeping fresh air in, and that’s what you want.

Each of these principles is effective on its own. But when you combine all five into the overall building plan, you’re on your way to building a passive house.

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