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Holiday Decor Ideas for Your Beach Home

The holidays are a time for coziness, warmth, and family gatherings, and one place exudes all these traits year-round. A beach home is a wonderful canvas for Christmas and opens doors to creativity in ways that other homes can’t. Here are some fun beach home holiday decor ideas to help you celebrate. 

The Warm Look of Firewood

One sure way to create a cozy feeling is with the warmth and texture of wood. Beach homes already have a head start with reclaimed wooden furniture, picture frames, craftwork, and flooring. Even if you don’t have those items in your beach home now, they are worth investing in because they provide benefits year-round. 

You can add to that holiday feeling with more accents made of reclaimed wood or by placing baskets of sticks or a stack of firewood in the corner. Just the appearance of them brings warmth. 

Beach-Inspired Christmas Tree  

Add a beachy touch to your Christmas tree with ornaments made from shells, starfish, and sand dollars. Drape the tree with a garland of nautical rope and lights. Add tones of coral blue, sea green, and pearl white to complete the look. 

You can even show off your crafting skills by creating your own Christmas tree out of driftwood. Stack items into a 3D tree pattern or create an outline of the tree on the wall. 

Beach-Themed Centerpieces

Leave room on your dining table for the holidays. Fill glass vases, jars, or bowls with sand to exude a snow-like feel. Add in seashells to complete the beach look, or use the same theme to store candles, pinecones, and other small Christmas decorations. Add in a table runner in soft coastal colors. Top it all off with starfish and sand dollar-shaped place cards.

Coastal Holiday Wreaths

It seems anything used for Christmas can be reworked into a beach theme, including wreaths. Create or buy wreaths out of driftwood, seashells, starfish, pinecones, ribbons, and ornaments. Hang the wreath on a door or wall, or create one as a centerpiece on a dining table, coffee table, or console.  

Beach Garlands

Garlands aren’t just reserved for Christmas trees. You can string up shells, starfish, coral, and other beach findings and hang them over doorways, railings, and fireplace mantels. Give them a coat of glitter spray paint for some sparkle.

Lighted Fishing Nets

Walls provide plenty of space for beach home holiday decor, including fish netting. Drape it on a wall and weave Christmas lights throughout. Attach shells and starfish for an extra seaside touch. 

The same concept works on a mantle or staircase runner. Stay creative by choosing a new location for it each year. 

Coastal Stockings

Swap traditional Christmas stockings for ones made of burlap or in coastal colors. You can add shell or starfish ornaments to these stockings for a more beachy feel. Your family and friends will love the creativity of changing traditional holiday items like these into a coastal theme

Sandy Snowman

The benefit of sand over snow is that it doesn’t melt. You can finally create a snowman – ahem, sandman – that will happily last through the holidays. You can make it with real sand and form a barrier around it to prevent people from touching it, or you can make a more enduring sandman with materials that mimic sand, such as foam balls covered in glued sand. Complete the look with shells for buttons, seaweed as a mouth, and driftwood as arms. 

Ocean-Scented Candles

Candles are an excellent and easy way to create a warm, relaxed holiday home. Place as many as you like around the house. Choose candles with ocean scents like sea breeze and coconut to fill the room with a beachy holiday feel.

Seasonal Beach Artwork or Photos

The holidays are a time for celebrating togetherness as a family. Placing winter-themed photos celebrates family bonds while adding a cozy wintery vibe to the home. The same feeling can come through winter-themed artwork. All items are stored easily away after the season ends. 

Surfing Santa

Santa loves the beach, and you can prove it through ample beach-themed figurines and artwork. It shows your kids that Santa will include your home in his stop while maintaining a relaxed coastal feeling in the home. 

Combined with the other items on this list, you will surely create a cozy wintery home that all of your family and friends will enjoy. With so many creative ways to accomplish it, making beach home holiday decor will be part of the experience. Here’s to dreaming of a white-sand Christmas!

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