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Part of the joy of the holidays comes in decorating, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying delicious meals. One area of the home where these traits come together is the dining room. Decorating a dining table for the holidays can be an art form, and we can gain inspiration each year from new interior design and decorating schemes. Here are some recent tablescape trends worth tapping into this holiday season. 

Sustainable Tablescapes

The interest in sustainability over the last few years continues to climb and will likely be a theme for years. More businesses are increasing their focus on eco products, giving us plenty of options to show love to our biggest family of all: our planet. This includes holiday-themed décor. 

Eco-friendly, biodegradable centerpieces, such as salt and paper shakers, place cards, napkins, tablecloths, and even tableware, are adorning tables. Whatever decorating style you prefer, there’s an eco and holiday-themed option. 

Hand in hand with many of the eco designs is natural color. We see more earthy tones like tan, green, cream, brown, and golden yellow.

Personalized Touches

With the growth in styles like Cottagecore and Japandi, artisan-made centerpieces are taking center stage, offering style with an eco-friendly twist. The more creative and personal the items are, the better. Personal touches add richness to homes while showing our appreciation for our guests and offering an ultra-engaging icebreaker. Some examples include handmade tableware, creative planting arrangements in sustainable pots, hand-written place cards, and succulents as take-home gifts. 

Ride the Color Wave

In addition to eco tones, there are plenty of bright, bold colors. We’re also seeing more of a mix of colors to keep us interested. Reds, oranges, and yellows are eye-catching, and these and many other colors work perfectly for the holidays. Examples include Pantone’s reddish Lava Falls 18-1552, vibrant green Amazon 18-6024, and a soft, deep blue Midnight 19-4127

Where Minimalism Meets Maximalism

This year has two styles competing for attention. One is the sleek, elegant, minimalist look with its uncluttered arrangements and ‘less is more’ look. The other is bold and beautiful maximalism, a style with daring layers of colors and patterns designed to push the limits. Interestingly, both techniques are wonderful tablescape trends as they allow each item on the table to stand out in its unique beauty. 

A Mix of Casual and Elegant

This year tore up the rule book of maintaining one consistent level of design. We now have more freedom in mixing and matching handmade and artisan tableware of any quality. That means our fine china can sit alongside rustic, everyday items. Jeweled glassware can stand next to quaint, hand-written place cards. The goal? Balance. It’s all about creating a friendly and welcoming space that also shines for added visual appeal. 

Planted Centerpieces Go Big 

And we’re not just talking just about size. The items are also more aromatic. Plants and herbs work like potpourris, offering joyous, natural smells perfect for the holidays. Pine, clove, amber, tobacco, and cinnamon make tables even more delicious.  

Tech-Savvy Tabletops

AI isn’t taking over our dinner table, but it is complementing it. Placeholders feature QR codes that link to surprising personal messages, menu descriptions, ingredient lists, takeaway recipes, and music playlists. It’s a small, futuristic twist that says a tech future isn’t all bad.  

When considering all of these tablescape trends above, we may be left wondering which one is best. But why choose just one? Just like the mix of casual and elegant tableware, adding more themes together makes our table time more interesting and allows us to flex our creative muscles. The more we blend, the more engaging the time at the table becomes. So indulge! This is the best time of year for it.

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