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Is Traditional Design Making a Comeback?

As trends come and go, we are exposed to new solutions and ideas that bring new life to previous aesthetics. Now, traditional design is having a rebirth. The style takes advantage of the recent growth in warm interactions seen in Modern Farmhouse, rustic styling, and Cottagecore, but in fun new ways that still carry traits traditional lovers crave, like elegance and permanence. 

Yes, traditional design is making a comeback, and it does it with a twist that keeps us more engaged!

Neoclassicism Will Be the “Neo” Style

This classic design theme focuses on Greco-Roman styling, often found in a home’s architecture, art, furniture, and accessories. It also focuses on color, a trend in nearly every interior design style today. Now, the color covers every piece and wall in the room in a broad range of tones that make rooms feel like living paintings.    

Wall Paneling 

Shiplap has been extremely popular over the last few years and still holds on, but now we see more emphasis on traditional and formal wall paneling for a more elegant, classic feel. This includes wainscoting, thick trim, and coffered ceilings. The treatments are either fully painted in trendy colors or creamy whites to complement colorful walls.  

Statement Pieces with History 

Personal touches have made Cottagecore and Modern Farmhouse more popular, adding richness to spaces through their stories. Traditional design is picking up on the trend, focusing more on elegant antiques and family heirlooms. 

More Focus on Formal Luxury

In addition to pieces with history, we see more luxurious designs in the mix. This means focusing more on artistic items such as chandeliers, lighting, and unique furniture pieces. 

More is More

Remember the heavy texture from Victorian times? Well, today’s traditional styling is taking the same approach and upping it a notch. Styles like Maximalism and Cottagecore show that the more that is in a room, the richer the experience. Traditional design is a natural backdrop for all those treasures, and the more they stand out from each other, the more focus they get, and the richer the experience becomes. 

This includes more texture. From decorative tile to multiple area rugs and highly decorative wallpaper, the busier, the better. 

Goodbye, Furniture Sets

The increased emphasis on the uniqueness of each piece is leading to a reduced focus on matchy-matchy furniture plans. Unconventional pairings and placements help each piece stand out while telling an intriguing story. 

Wallpaper Galore

Wallpaper has continued to grow in popularity in recent years, but now we see even more styles and color options to suit any home style, including traditional design. And we’re seeing it everywhere, including ceilings! Homeowners and designers are wrapping rooms in classic beauty from flower patterns to plaid and classic Greco-Roman designs. 

More Artistic Lighting

Today’s traditional homes are increasing their focus on grand chandeliers to unique table lamps to shine more light on the room’s grandeur while telling their own stories, adding to the room’s experience.  

More Traditional Room Plans

The previous years of open floor plans have created more demand for privacy. From partial openings to dining spaces to more fully enclosed rooms, we see an increased focus on closer interactions and compartmentalized designs. 

More Color

We continue moving away from the whites and greys of recent years to more colors and mixes. Though some have been bright in the last few years, now more focus is being put on enduring earth tones, such as brown, tan, pink, gold, blue, green, mauve, coral, and whites. When more vibrancy is needed, yellow is added to the mix.

More Natural Finishes on Fixtures

Gold and brass are still popular, but now we see softer finishes with less shine. The more muted tones create a more natural and traditional feel.  

Less Focus on Fast Furniture

Fast furniture is trend-focused, mass-produced furniture items. Design-wise, they are a flash in the pan and more quickly discarded, which is terrible for the environment and our budgets. With more focus on antiques and the history of items, we see more care taken in what goes into a room.

Formal Dining Rooms are Back 

With more focus on room experiences comes more emphasis on elegant dining spaces. These rooms are setting the stage for long talks and warm interactions. The room is a perfect example of what today’s traditional design can do, blending beauty, uniqueness, and discussion-worthy designs that keep people engaged and in rooms longer. 

The blend of unique coloring and styling of today’s traditional design combined with more personal and antique furniture and accessories enrich our homes in eye-catching ways. Just like other similar styles, it’s now time to show our history.

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