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How to Incorporate Patterned Wallpaper in Your Home

Some trends come and go, but one trend has held for the last few decades and only seems to improve each year. That trend is wallpaper. This year, it is more dramatic and artisanal than ever and comes in options that suit any home. This design treatment transforms dull spaces into dazzling sanctuaries, and yours could be next! In this article, we outline ways to incorporate patterned wallpaper in your home, including new ways that you wouldn’t expect. You will also learn how to not overdo it. 

Start Small With a Feature Wall

Diving into the wallpaper world is exhilarating, but it has some differences from the most famous wall covering: paint. Those differences are worth knowing. Both add color, but patterns are a chief part of wallpaper’s allure, which means that it reads busier than a flat, single color. Too much pattern can overpower a room, pulling the eye away from other design elements and overwhelm viewers. 

If you are new to wallpaper, start with a small section of the home is a safe first step. A feature wall is designed differently from the rest of the walls in a room. It is the wall you want people in a room to view most. It can be a fireplace wall, a TV wall, a long wall, or even a short wall that stands out more than others. 

Wallpaper is destined for a feature wall. The material turns the wall into a work of art, helping it stand out while not overpowering the room since the wallpaper is only on one wall. Go as creative as you like. A feature wall is a great way to incorporate patterned wallpaper in your home.   

For a Creative Solution, Look Up

Elevate your interior’s elegance by extending your wallpaper to the ceiling. You can lie in bed, gaze up at an artistic sky, or sit and sip tea under a canopy of cherry blossoms. Your ceiling works as your fifth wall and is waiting to be adorned. It also adds that finishing touch for an ultra-glamorous space. 

Put the Pow! in Powder Rooms

If you want to create a bold statement, a powder room is an ultra-engaging place to do it. Let your creative spirit run wild with vivid patterns or dramatic hues. This is the place to make fearless design choices without overpowering the home. 

Create an Ultra-Rich Library

If you and the family have a growing book collection, you can define the space beautifully with wallpaper. The patterns and colors add intrigue in areas that feel dark and bland. You can bring your library to life and set the mood with historical murals and patterns like paisley and plaid. 

Add Magic to Your Child’s Bedroom

Wallpaper is a perfect companion to a child’s imagination. You can find themes and landscapes that take them to another world and comfort them as they drift off to sleep. This is another area of the home where a 5th wall is their gateway to a new world. 

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to play with themes and add rich color and texture. You have a chance to add beauty to your home in ways that complement your existing home design, and with relative ease. You also have an excuse to have some fun. Wallpaper is a relatively inexpensive design feature, so indulge!  

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