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Are Color & Pattern Making a Comeback? We think it is.

Trends often travel in waves. In past years, we have seen changes from flat gray and white walls and cleanly upholstered furniture with splashes of soft blues, green, and pinks to more vibrant tones like reds and yellows and more shapely furniture. Color and pattern continue to grow in popularity and are taking a front seat in every room. With it comes innumerable ways to express yourself. This is a terrific time to unleash your creativity.  

Color’s Shift from Bland to Grand

The latest color trends are moving away from the white canvas to ultra-rich and delicious color. These aren’t your typical primary colors. We’re seeing immersive dark blues, sage greens, earthy terracottas, soft lavenders, delicious apricots, and dusty pinks. All exuding modernity, maturity, and sophistication. Even neutrals are joining in the fun. They are taking a more unique and slightly earthier direction for more appeal. Color is evolving. 

For Pattern, The Busier, the Better

As far as trends go, busy patterns come and go less often, which makes it more unique today. Partly as a response to a desire to shift from minimalist decor, styles such as Maximalism, Cottagecore, and other traditional styling celebrate the individuality of each element inside a room and how the pattern and color contrast as well as complement other elements in the room. Every item in a room is a work of art to be celebrated. 

Whether it’s geometric shapes that add a touch of modern sophistication or whimsical florals that transport you to a secret garden, patterns infuse your home with personality and charm.

Wallpaper With More Color, Pattern and Texture

Wallpaper is back in a big way, and it is making full use of today’s patterns and colors. From flowered designs and traditional settings to modern homes with geometric lines and swirled wallpaper patterns resembling plastered walls, you can find wallpaper to fit any pattern and color choice. 

Deeper Tones Are Setting the Mood

Going dark with your color and patterns is a way to create a richer room experience. The recent trend in Art Deco is a perfect example of this, and the style will continue to be popular. With it comes more focus on geometric patterns and dark, elegant colors. Golds, black, blues, greens, and dark browns are sitting alongside materials like chrome and brass to create the perfect backdrop for a relaxing cocktail and to show off your jewelry. This design theme works like your little black dress.  

Stand Out Furniture Patterns

Interior design is getting more personal by emphasizing historical furniture, sentimental items, and homemade creations. Since they don’t always follow the same style, making them work in a given home scheme means connecting the dots with complementary accessories, colors, and patterns. 

Take the Plunge 

With so many colors and patterns to choose from and less need to stay within one look, you have more chances to release your inner interior designer, unleash your imagination, and let color and pattern make a grand comeback in your home. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Today’s patterns and colors help you create the unexpected and turn your space into a masterpiece dripping with ambiance. 

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