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Where to Use Textured Tiles in Your Home

When you think of tiles, you may think of ones that have a sleek, flat surface. But tiles come in a broad range of shapes and textures. In fact, textured tiles are safer to walk on than flat, glossy tiles and offer a unique look for added richness and visual appeal.

Where are the best places to use textured tiles? Here are some of our favorites!

Outdoor Areas

The added slip resistance of textured tiles makes them ideal for wet areas of the home – including outdoor areas. The tiles blend beauty and functionality, creating safer and more engaging pathways, steps, patios, and pool areas. Some tiles even resemble natural stone for a more earthy experience.


The less slippery surface works perfectly on bathroom floors and walls. They also add a stylish look with their added texture and visual appeal. The range of designs can create a boldness that turns a room from a plain white box to an engaging environment to bathe and relax.


Kitchens often become wet, especially near sinks and near refrigerators. Textured tiles bring the added safety you need on floors and can even jazz up the room’s look by extending the designs on backsplashes and countertops.

Buffets, Bars, and Coffee Stations

These areas work as extensions of kitchens or can be designed differently to create a unique treatment that adds more beauty and intrigue. Designs often tell a story from one area to another while increasing the visual experience. A well-designed bar with textured tile will do it beautifully.

Laundry Areas

One room with the most potential for wetness and flooding is the laundry room, making it an ideal spot for textured tile. And many of the tiles are beautiful, helping you create attractive laundry spaces in highly visual areas like high-traffic or pass-through areas.

Mud Rooms / Entrances

One of the most trafficked areas of the home is an entrance/mudroom. Textured tiles help make these areas of homes safer during rainy and snowy weather while simultaneously letting you add character and set the tone of your home with attractive patterns, colors, and designs.

Power Walls

Power walls are often accomplished with unique paint colors, but textured tile can add color and depth. Use the tile to create a feature wall or to frame key art pieces for a powerful, engaging design treatment showcasing your taste and style.


Your fireplace is another ideal place to experiment with tile. You can use a mixture of textures and colors to create a unique look that fits the style and design of your home. The tiles are also durable and easy to clean.

No matter where you use textured tiles, they add a touch of beauty and safety to any area of your home. So get creative and make it yours! If you need any guidance, fill out our inquiry form today. We are here to help!

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