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Redesign Your Kitchen With a Theme in Mind

A kitchen is the most used room in a home, and designing it well maximizes the enjoyment for the whole family. This also makes a kitchen a fantastic area to show our creativity while indulging in the design styles we each love most!

Today there are kitchen styles that suit any home design, but we can also choose from themes that add to its beauty, functionality, and character! Here are some popular themes we’re seeing this year. 

Sustainable Design

The larger push toward sustainability is bringing more materials and products that put less strain on the environment while also lowering our utilities. We see more LED lights, water-conserving fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances and windows each year. And best of all, you can do it in kitchens of any style.

The Open Concept Kitchen is Now Even More Open

Open-concept living, dining, and kitchen spaces have been popular for a while. Still, this year the kitchen is extending outdoors with options like large windows and sliding doors that lead to patio areas. This treatment follows the trend of indoor/outdoor living born from improved outdoor furniture designs, a desire to maximize home functionality since COVID-19, and a need for cooler temperatures due to global warming.

Natural Wood Cabinets

The beauty, durability, and timeless look of wood cabinets have led to an increase in their popularity in recent years. They also bring a natural aspect that supports sustainable living.

Wood cabinets also help you keep costs down over time. They can be updated with new stains or paint at a minimal expense, helping you avoid replacing them entirely.

Rounded Kitchen Designs 

The trend in rounded kitchen cabinets and wall treatments from the last few years continues through 2023 and will likely continue for years. The rounded edges make navigating a busy kitchen easy.

Rounded designs also offer a softer aesthetic that makes kitchens more soothing and inviting. We can still add straight sections while maintaining a softer look and functionality. We can curve the designs as much or little as we like.

Hidden Pantries

From modern designs with hidden storage to secondary spaces for food prep and storage, hidden pantries are back!

Secondary prep surfaces are a great way to improve kitchen functionality. They also help store dinner plates before the “big reveal.”

When the feast is over, dirty dishes can be stacked out of sight, a welcome solution for today’s open-floorplans.

Metal Galore!

Metal is a stand-out material for adding luxury, and this year the materials mix and match together for added flair and intrigue. The blend of different metals on knobs, handles, pulls, latches, and hinges create a unique look. Even complementary faucets and range hoods are getting in on the action.

More Marble and Granite Surfaces

Granite and marble are always popular materials thanks to their natural beauty and for being a cool, hard surface for food prep. This year we are seeing even more of these materials – even along entire walls! Marble and granite are luxurious, always in style, and always in demand. These benefits also lead to higher home resale values, making them worth the investment. You can extend the theme to any room, including living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Color Themes to Suit Any Taste and Style

By law, you are still allowed to love white, but more color is bringing a welcome change this year. Colors add warmth and engagement to this popular room, and this year’s color trends provide a broader range of options to suit any taste. Bring out the beauty of your cabinets or surrounding walls in tones that work with your home’s style. Natural tones offer a calming complement, while more vibrant, mod-like colors such as this year’s color of the year, viva magenta, yellow, or red bring on the shine. Black is also back and just as beautiful as ever. Blend it with gold hardware to pick up on the latest trends in Art Deco!

You can use color and any of the other themes listed above together to increase the engagement and functionality of your kitchen with less strain on the environment. Pick one theme, two, or more! 

Fill out our inquiry form today for any additional kitchen redesign questions. We are happy to help!

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