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How Mudrooms Add Value to Your Home

Traveling indoors and outdoors is a messy business, especially for those of us who have families! From dirt in the summer to water and snow the rest of the year, whatever ends up on our clothes and shoes can be easily tracked through our house – unless we are prepared. A mudroom keeps all that dirt and water at bay while creating a home for all those layers of clothing during colder times. It is an important room for any home – so much so that it can increase the value of a home. Let’s find out what a mudroom is, why it is one of the most-used rooms in a home, and why mudrooms add value to your home. 

What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is typically located just off the main entrance or near a back door. It is where we enter the home and store items like our outer clothing. It keeps the home clean by preventing dirt and debris from entering the main living areas of the house and soiling flooring and furniture.

Mudrooms can vary in size but are typically large enough to let us take off wet jackets and boots and store umbrellas, bags, and other items. The rooms often have benches, cubbies, and coat hooks to make getting what we need when entering and leaving home quick and easy.

These miracle rooms are like the fairy godmothers of organization, waving their magic wands and creating a functional space to keep all your muddy shoes, sports gear, and seasonal items in check.

How Does a Mudroom Add Value to a Home? 

It Makes Life at Home More Organized 

An organized home is something both current and future owners want. In areas of intense weather, a mudroom meets the demand for a clean storage area, which creates more demand for the property compared to other homes in the neighborhood that don’t have one. In many areas of the country with strong weather, mudrooms are considered essential areas of the home. 

It Improves Your Square Footage

Square footage matters in terms of real estate value. Adding a mudroom expands the square footage of your home while improving the home’s functionality at the same time. Even one that works within existing square footage enhances the home’s functionality, making the house more valuable to buyers.

The More Functional It Is, The More Value It Brings

A home that is functional and easy to use feels more move-in ready, which is a primary consideration of buyers. A mudroom improves your storage capabilities, and that storage can be used for practically anything a new owner needs.

It Brings Entryway Appeal

Having ample storage is appealing, but a beautifully-designed mudroom brings visual appeal that can attract buyers to your home. This room is the first area homeowners and guests see, which means it is responsible for the first impression. A well-designed mudroom can have serious curb appeal. Also, existing, well-designed mudrooms add value by preventing a new owner from having to design and build one themselves. 

An Easy Addition to Your Current Home

In terms of complexity, a mudroom is relatively easy to add. Even a laundry area with rear access can be used as a mudroom. The main goal is functionality. Of course, the more attractive it is, the more curb appeal you get, and here is where we come in.

We have experience designing mudrooms that match the beauty of an existing home while bringing all the all-important benefits of storage. You can start and end your day in an attractive setting while keeping clutter contained so the rest of your home looks the way it should. 

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