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Statement Glass: Add Luxury to Your Living Spaces

When it comes to architectural and interior design materials, glass is a clear winner! It lets in natural light and surrounding views that help your home shine. But the benefits don’t stop there. Glass can bring a more luxurious feeling to a living space by how it is used and how the glass and framing look – and we’re not just talking about windows. Here are ways you can incorporate statement glass in living spaces! 

How to Bring Statement Glass Into Living Spaces

Here are ways to use glass in your home’s primary living spaces. 

Maximize Light and Views With Large Windows

Whatever views you have, make the most of them with large-panel, floor-to-ceiling glass. A large window attracts guests and family to your views, and the more they see, the more luxurious the home experience. 

Add Color with Tinted or Stained Glass

Whether it be large panels of single colors or intricately designed scenes, stained glass brings a luxurious touch that also tells a story. Even tinted glass used for reduced heat can be done in tones that allow the glass to take on a different color – especially at night when the interior light creates a reflection. 

Set Glass in Gorgeous Framing

Window frames come in styles to suit any home style, and you can go as thick and ornate as you like. As with crown molding and wainscoting, the right frames bring a finished look that attracts the eye as much as the view.

Step Up to Glass Staircases

From handrails to glass supports that make steps seemingly float in the air, a glass staircase creates an undeniably glamorous look in an area of the home that would otherwise feel dark and heavy. 

Add Privacy With Glass Room Dividers

Glass can section off rooms while still letting the light and views in. Use it to create an engaging view of your wine cellar or a quiet space such as a home office or library. 

Set the Scene With Statement Chandeliers

Nothing finishes off a room quite like a chandelier, and the bigger it is, the grander the statement. Glass is an ideal material for chandeliers because the transparent or semi-opaque material emits light. The glass can also be formed into gorgeous, intricate shapes that are sure to set the stage. 

Create a Feast for the Eyes With Glass Artwork 

With only one look at Dale Chihuly’s work, you can instantly see how glass brings a dynamic mood. From squid and coral-like shapes to twisted spirals in bold colors, glass can be worked and colored to perfection. 

Even if you like classic clear glass, you can purchase figurines large and small, some in crystal-like textures that sparkle in the light. 

Create an Ultra-Clean Look With Glass Furniture

Glass can be used on its own as a coffee table or side table or blended with other materials like wood and metal to create a minimalist look for any home style. The material is also stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Consider Other Glam Variations

You can create a glass-like effect with non-glass materials. Here are some common ways to do it:

Acrylic Furniture: The material is durable and makes the furniture appear to float in the air.

Mirrors: They reflect the views and light from your windows, extending the benefits of glass further into the space. The reflective properties also make the room feel larger. 

Polished metal: Shiny metallic furniture in polished chrome or gold brings a similar sparkle and reflection that will compliment any glass or mirrors you have in the room. You can create a jeweled look for a luxurious feeling throughout the home.

Tip Toe Into Glass Flooring

Like glass staircases, glass flooring is a dynamic and intriguing way to cast light into surrounding areas while giving users an entertaining glimpse of what lies below and above.

Make a Splash With a Glass Pool

If your living space overlooks a pool, why not use glass for the pool itself? The transparent material shows off the beauty of the blue water and the people swimming in it. From above-ground pools to aquarium-like designs that allow simmers to explore rooms like coral reefs, a glass swimming pool is one of the grandest statements you can make.

The beauty of glass is in all the ways it improves your home’s experience without seeming to even try.  

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