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Philadelphia has been all clouds and rain this month, making it easy to feel down and sluggish. We wish we could swipe the clouds away and make winter go by faster. However, we do have some tips to help you brighten up your home and get through the winter drear.

Lighten Up

Keep windows clear

Cloudy days mean we get less natural light in our home, which can greatly affect your mood during the day time. One of the first steps to keeping your room from going dark and dingy is by allowing as much natural light in as possible. Avoid blocking windows in any room with tall pieces of furniture. You’ll also want to keep windows clear on the outside, too, by trimming down bushes or blocking tree branches. This will allow a little extra light into your home through the season.

Add mirrors

How to Lighten and Brighten Up Your Home | WPL Interior Design
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Mirrors can help make a smaller room appear larger as well as reflect light. Use mirrors to lighten up a dark room by placing them across from a window or other light sources. It could be a large full-length mirror or even a smaller mirror that’s hung on your wall. You can also find coffee tables with reflective surfaces that will also help brighten up a room.

Change your bulbs

How to Lighten and Brighten Up Your Home | WPL Interior Design
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Bulbs come in all different shades of light these days, from bright white to warm yellow. You don’t have to change every bulb in your home, but consider switching to brighter white bulbs in some lamps for the day time. Bulbs with a yellow tint during the day can make the day feel later than it is. Having different light sources for different times of the day can help you beat the winter blues. 

From Dull to Lively

Pops of color

If you are trying to liven up a room that has dark-colored walls, consider balancing out the rest of the room with light-colored furniture; even just adding a cream-colored rug or white drapes can make a big difference! For rooms that seem a bit sterile and bland, add color and visual interest through pieces of furniture or artwork on the walls. If you’re not looking to add color, look at dynamic pieces of furniture with interesting shapes and designs.

How to Lighten and Brighten Up Your Home | WPL Interior Design
Photo by Jay Greene Photography

Plants and flowers

An easy way to add life to your home is by literally adding some life! Live flowers and plants are a great way to freshen up a room as it appeals to multiple senses. Seasonal flowers and houseplants also provide more opportunities to change up your home’s color palette and decor, as well as make the transition from winter to spring a bit easier.

How to Lighten and Brighten Up Your Home | WPL Interior Design
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Metallic finishes

Just like mirrors, metallic finishes such as door handles, wall hooks, and light fixtures, add visual interest to any room. If it matches the rest of your decor, go with gold, which can add some warmth to the atmosphere. But whether silver or gold, metallic finishes add a little more shine, a little more luxury, and a little more comfort to your home!

Knocking Down Walls

It’s possible that an area of your home can feel dark and dull because of its limited space. If there’s a “dead” area in your home, a good solution may be to remove a wall. Sometimes, knocking down a wall can allow more natural light to reach a closed-off area of your home, making it seem more spacious and comfortable. However, not all walls in a home can be removed and there are pros and cons to open-concept spaces. Talk with your interior designer to discuss wall removal and they can guide you through the best solutions for your home.

Avoiding Clutter

Lastly, simply keeping your space clear of clutter can make a big difference in the way your home feels. This is not limited to piles of your belongings but also includes patterns and colors in your decor. While color and patterns can certainly add more life into your home, going overboard can crowd a room.

WPL Interior Design offers a variety of design services, including refreshing your home’s decor. If your house doesn’t quite feel like home anymore, it’s time to give us a call! Fill out our online design inquiry form today or call our design team directly at 215-592-9570.

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