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Making the Most of Your Laundry Space

Laundry is not often a chore people love to do, but having an efficient and cozy laundry space can make such a task more enjoyable. Today, WPL Interior Design shares tips on how to maximize both the style and efficiency of your laundry room design.

Increasing Storage Space

Whether you have a small laundry room design that fits in a closet or a designated laundry room, it’s common for laundry rooms to become a makeshift “storage” room. If you have limited laundering space, take advantage of empty vertical territories. Over-the-door shelves are an easy way to add extra storage compartments on the room door or closet doors, or you may consider installing hanging rods or overhead shelves and cabinets above your appliances. Tiered carts, freestanding drawers, or storage baskets are also convenient ways to utilize every open space you have available. 

Making the Most of Your Laundry Space | WPL Interior Design
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Laundry rooms that are more spacious will allow you extra customization options when it comes to storage. You may consider installing countertops and cabinets, similar to a kitchen. An extra countertop will provide more space for easy laundry folding. Top or base cabinets will also offer extra storage for organizing miscellaneous items without creating clutter. Some homeowners may also choose a designated drying area for hanging clothes and other delicate items.

Smart Laundry

Yes, even your laundry routine is getting smarter! As smart appliances get more popular and technology advances, there are several options for smart home laundry. Most smart washers and dryers will have features like controlling your laundry with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, starting cycles remotely through your phone, reminding you when its time to buy more detergent, and downloading new types of cycles based on your fabric and laundry loads. 

Making the Most of Your Laundry Space | WPL Interior Design
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Check out Samsung’s Smart Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer. Samsung’s smart washer features an AddWash door that allows you to toss in forgotten items once your wash cycle has already started. It also has sensors that will determine how to minimize the noise of your clothes being washed. Its dryer also has a sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature and time of your drying cycle. This prevents clothes from getting damaged and vent sensors will remind you when it’s time to clean the lint trap!

Choosing the Right Flooring and Paint

The type of floor and the color of your walls will not necessarily help you get your laundry done faster. However, they can certainly add comfort and style, causing you to want to spend more time in your laundry room. Because laundry rooms tend to be more humid and wet than other rooms, you’ll want to choose the appropriate flooring and paint. Use materials that are more durable against moisture, like satin or semi-gloss paints for the walls. Luxury vinyl or ceramic tile are perfect flooring options for laundry rooms because they are waterproof and easy to keep clean. 

Personalizing your Laundry Room Design

Making the Most of Your Laundry Space | WPL Interior Design
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You know your household’s laundry routine the best; it’s up to you to decide what key features you want your laundry room design to have. WPL Interior Design will search for the best options to achieve your laundry goals while staying within your budget. From maximizing a small laundry space to its fullest potential to creating a multi-functional laundry room, we are here to help! Call our design team today at 215-592-9570 or tell us more about your next home project using our online form.

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