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Some people very clearly know what they like and do not like when it comes to decorating their home. While others do not have a clue where to begin or even know what they like. If you are one of the later, you may be encouraged knowing that you are in the majority. Most people do not know what their style is or what style they will ultimately want to live with in their home. Many people like multiple styles and sometimes they are not compatible. So how do you make it all work? Here are some clues to figuring out your style or what style may be best for you.

Collect Pictures of Things You Like.

Create a scrapbook online. Use a website like HOUZZ. Once you have a good collection of photos you may begin seeing a theme. Often a client will scrapbook their favorite kitchens. They may feel they are all different styles, but they fail to see common elements, like all the kitchens are white, or they all have the same countertops. These are clues we use. When we see consistent themes we go with that lead.Decor-Style-Interior-Design-Professionals-Philadelphia-WPL-Design_0227

Look at Your Architecture.

Whether you bought a modern urban home or a stone farmhouse in the country, chances are you like that style of architecture and would probably like the decorating and lifestyle that goes along with it. Maybe you did not even consider style in your purchasing decision but you were not opposed to that look. That means subconsciously you were comfortable there.

Look to the Past.

Our tastes are deeply rooted in our childhood experiences. Do you love English Country because it reminds you of your grandmother’s house? Or do you dislike mid-century modern because it reminds you of your parent’s home growing up? These preferences are part of us and woven into our being, they are hard to get beyond. When a client has a strong dislike for something and we can trace it back to their youth we find it almost impossible to break that preference so we respect it and work around it.Decor-Style-Interior-Design-Professionals-Philadelphia-WPL-Design_0228

Adopt a Style from Your Partner.

Sometimes one person in a couple has strong taste and the other is a blank canvas. If you like your spouse/partner you probably like their style and was attracted to them in part due to their style. Take their lead, try it on and see if it fits you. After all, if you both like the same things it makes buying furnishings and art much easier.

Hire a Professional.

Interiors are what we do best. Our goal is to make you look at home in your own place. Your design is not a reflection of us, but rather a reflection of you. We interpret your style and create the best home for you. We pride ourselves on being proficient in all styles, well-trained designers are, and do not have a cookie-cutter portfolio. Trust in a professional to sort out the rest.

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