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Area rugs, which are different than carpets, are still very popular. Carpets are a term that means wall-to-wall carpeting and this is installed over the finished floor or subfloor with tackles strips and with a proper padding for softness and durability. Rugs are also installed with pads, usually thinner pads, sometimes thicker, and are for an area of a room but not the whole room. The remaining area of the floor which shows is usually wood, tile or stone.

Traditional rugs were frequently Persian rugs, but these days’ “area rugs” or “rugs” can be from any country including the United States. These rugs come in all designs and colors, but the trend in recent years has been towards contemporary designs. Popular colors like gray, which has been so popular in recent years, is still very big in the rug world.


Designs have become simpler and less intricate. Designs and patterns have been simplified. Heavy, busy rugs are not in favor right now but soft, neutral, not too busy rugs are very popular.

Other area rugs that are popular besides the most common rugs, which are made from wool, wool blends, silk or synthetics, are indoor/outdoor rugs made from Olefin or Polypropylene and vinyl floor cloths made from new age vinyl. These rugs are very durable, waterproof, inexpensive and still feel like rugs, not plastic, so they are used outdoors and indoors too for pets, kids and budget considerations.

We are seeing an abundance of gray in area rugs due to the gray craze lately. These neutral rugs blend into many interiors and are becoming very popular as gray is widely accepted as the new neutral. Whatever your preference remember, area rugs are not the same old antique rugs of your grandmother’s generation.
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