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Keeping Holiday Decorations Safe for Pets

The holiday frenzy can get pretty crazy, especially if you’re hosting this year’s holiday party. It may be hard to keep track of everything on your to-do list, and that includes keeping your holiday decorations safe for your pets. So when it comes time to bringing holiday cheer in your home, keep these few tips in mind for pet safe decorating.

Paws Off Desserts

Santa isn’t the only one who loves cookies! Chocolate, nuts, and certain spices can be toxic to pets, so it’s important to keep them out of reach whenever possible. Gingerbread houses, popcorn garlands, and other decorative food items are particularly easy to overlook. We don’t want our dogs and cats to get stomach aches from too much salt and sugar.

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Plant Safety

Did you know that some plants are toxic to animals? Unfortunately, many of the popular holiday plants are not pet safe decorations. Amaryllis, poin

settias, mistletoe, holly, lilies, and balsam can all be dangerous if your pet consumes them in varying quantities. If your dog or cat is known to chew on leaves, then you might want to consider getting fake plants instead of real ones. Otherwise, place them in areas that are inaccessible to your pets.

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Shiny Temptations

Ornaments, tinsel, and other shiny objects are huge temptations for cats and dogs. Double check that fragile items are secure and won’t accidentally fall on your pets. Tinsel, which can seem like a fun chew toy to pets, can also be dangerous and block your pet’s intestines if consumed. Whether you’re decorating your mantel, Christmas tree, or anywhere else around the house, it’s best to keep those shiny objects away from reach.

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Hide the Hazards

When it comes to pet safe decorating, electrical cords and flames are often neglected. Avoid leaving menorahs, candles, and tea lights unattended when there are flames lit. Place them in areas where your pet cannot knock them over. Some pets like to chew on cords, and it’s best to keep them hidden away or covered with a rug. This will also keep them from becoming a tripping hazard, too. If you have lights on your Christmas tree, a tree skirt will easily keep the cords at bay.

There may not be a huge aisle of pet friendly decorations at the store, but pet safe decorating isn’t that difficult to ensure a pet-friendly home for you and your beloved animals.

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