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The kitchen remains the single highest priority when clients seek to renovate and add value to their homes. Kitchens are the most popular big-ticket items in home remodeling today and the one that will be the safest investment. As real estate values increase, people are more likely to renovate their homes and kitchens give a great return on investment.

Having evolved into a multi-purpose room, the kitchen is still the heart of the home. It’s no wonder why, as many gatherings with family and friends involve food and drink. As the kitchen evolved into this multi-purpose space the open-plan kitchen trend took root. It is still very popular today, and it allows the kitchen to be the hub of the home with other family spaces, like family rooms and living rooms, to be the spokes. We have wondered if the open kitchen was trendy and not long lasting, but we see no signs of it changing and are constantly tearing down walls when redoing kitchens. Besides connectivity to other spaces, open kitchens give the illusion of larger square footage and this too helps with resale value.

The dominant style in kitchens has been transitional. Not too traditional and not too modern. Just up to date enough with classic lines. After transitional, contemporary is the second most popular style, but it’s gaining popularity. The truly traditional kitchens with lots of wood carving, raised panels and dark wood are becoming extinct.

The most popular color for kitchens is still white. It’s number one and probably will be for some time. Most likely because kitchens are big investments and white is always best for flexibility, longevity and resale value. Gray is also popular, from very pale to very dark, and every shade of gray in between. We are also seeing blue and black kitchens gaining in popularity.

For countertops, quartz is quickly taking over as the most desired material. Natural stone requires too much maintenance and as the “man-made” solid surface materials have advanced in technology and beauty, quartz have taken over as the most desired countertop material.

Backsplashes are still mainly tile but using the countertop material as a backsplash is a growing trend and one we love. Because quartz products come in various thicknesses, we can now use the thicker slabs on the countertop and the thin slabs on the backsplash, with consistency throughout. How great is that? We’ve also seen sheet glass and mirrored backsplashes gain popularity as well as metals. These are some of our kitchen designs.

Photos by Jay Greene Photography

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