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You have probably heard by now that LED light bulbs can save you money. But did you know that they have the lowest energy consumption of any lighting product, ever? They are roughly 80% to 90% percent more energy efficient than other bulbs. On a recent project, we removed 3,000 watts of incandescent bulbs and replaced them with 300 watts of LED bulbs. We achieved the same amount of light, if not more. That’s only 10% of the electricity use of the old bulbs. When you add in the fact that LED bulbs do not get as hot as incandescent bulbs, CFL’s and mercury halides, there is a bonus for your air conditioning bills since LED’s won’t heat up your home like incandescent bulbs.  

Did you also know that LED bulbs are safer? Fluorescent bulbs and CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp) contain mercury. Who wants mercury in their home, especially with children and pets? LED’s have no mercury and are safer for the environment, and you can recycle LED bulbs. 

Worried about the color of light from LEDs? LEDs now come in many color temperatures, including 2700 degrees Kelvin, for that warm light that reminds us of incandescents. LED bulbs also come with a high color rendering index (CRI), so you can see the colors of your food, flowers, that outfit you’re putting on or the artwork on your walls.  

Photos by 1000 Bulbs

LED bulbs last much longer than other bulbs. Yes, they are more expensive to buy, although prices keep coming down, but when you consider how long they last, over the life of the bulb you’ll save money. Have you had an LED bulb that did not last long? It wasn’t the LEDs that went bad, it was the transformer built into the bulb. Early LED bulbs had the odd transformer issue, the LED’s themselves can’t go out that quickly, they slowly become dimmer over their lifespan. But while you probably wouldn’t bother to return a defective 69 cent bulb, you should return a $20 LED bulb that is defective. The bottom line is, save your receipts when buying LED bulbs.  

Another bonus, due to their longevity, LED’s are ideal for those hard to reach places, high ceilings, and high exterior floodlights. Oh yes, they are great for outdoors too!  

LEDs are one of the 21st centuries most innovative technologies. Just look at all the auto manufacturers, like AUDI, that have incorporated LED lighting in cars. LED’s have the lowest energy consumption of any lighting product to date. The light quality equals or is superior to traditional lighting products. They have a lifespan that is 20 times that of traditional lighting products. Don’t you think it’s time to switch? 

To learn more about the technical aspects of LED bulbs, check out our other Blog post on LED bulbs here.

Photos by Jay Greene Photography

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