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Kitchen Tech Trends of 2023: Part 1

With new kitchen tech trends emerging every year, life in the kitchen continues to get easier, cleaner, and a lot more fun. Similar to recent years, 2023 is adding more smart systems in kitchen appliances such as ovens, fridges, air fryers, and multicookers. Appliances are adapting to the evolving needs in home kitchens, from refrigerators to food preservation systems and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the new kitchen trends for 2023.

More Cooking in One Package

Appliances are getting smarter and meeting more needs without cluttering your kitchen with limited-use devices. Today, it is easier to find a single device that can steam cook, air-fry, toast, and more while still offering the essentials like baking and broiling. AI technology is advancing, enabling appliances to learn your cooking preferences. These appliances can then automatically adjust temperature and cooking time for different dishes. Results are more consistent and accurate saving time and energy.

A great example of this in 2023 is the SAMSUNG Bespoke AI Oven  In one appliance, you get food item and recipe recognition, burn detection, and recipe recommendations for specific diets. Those preferring a more streamlined look will appreciate the push to open door instead of a conventional handle. 

The new Brava oven is another aesthetic yet functional release with features to fit individual cooking needs. This family-friendly oven uses infrared and visible light to bake, broil, roast, toast, air-fry, and so much more. With so many uses, you can free up counter space with this small (just 17” wide) and portable appliance.

Both the Brava and Samsung Bespoke AI Oven also connect to your smart phone so you can view your food as it is cooking. Multi-tasking at home couldn’t get any easier, making these two options must-have appliances.

Better Food Preservation

Sustainability at home is a growing concern that is also infiltrating kitchen tech trends. More appliances with improved food preservation technology are becoming available. Refrigerators are no exception to this trend. Showcasing smart technology, refrigerators can now let you know what is being stored and when the items expire.

The new LG Counter-Depth MAX InstaView Refrigerator is one such example. Its Mirror InstaView door helps you remember what’s inside without having to open the fridge. The visual reminder of what you have inside may prevent unnecessary food waste and extra trips to the grocery store.

Interested in a refrigerator that keeps food fresher but can also serves as a focal point in your kitchen? Look no further than the LG MoodUP™ refrigerator. This fridge boasts fresh food but ups the ante with front LED door panels that change color to match your kitchen design or mood. One panel can also turn transparent at the touch of a finger, providing a quick view of what’s inside. The refrigerator also offers a built-in Bluetooth speaker with the capability to sync music with the color-changing panels.

Better food preservation technology is also starting to move to other kitchen appliances. At CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show), the Japanese company Kaltech revealed their Food Fresh Keeper. This appliance works like a bread box by reducing mold and spoilage using a moisture-absorbing technology called photocatalysis. The Food Fresh Keeper ensures bread and other foods stay fresh for longer periods of time. Some food items may stay fresh for even up to two weeks longer meaning you can reduce your waste, maintain a more sustainable kitchen, and enjoy fresher food at home.

Next week, we’ll explore more kitchen tech trends of 2023, so stay tuned!

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