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Each year, kitchen tech trends continue to evolve with the changing times. We are seeing improvements in nearly every aspect of food creation. Appliances and kitchen tools are transforming to offer sleeker, smarter, and more versatile experiences.

Enhance Your Food Prep

A kitchen tech trend that continues to have a greater presence in the kitchen is tablet-like screens. Not only have these screens gotten bigger, but they’re also popping up on devices we wouldn’t think would have them.

On the Cutting Edge

Smart cutting boards are now available featuring built-in or removable screens. The screens provide recipe suggestions, ingredient substitutions, and other cooking tips. Some even have a built-in scale that weighs ingredients as you chop them up.

The Blok cutting board is one such example, calling itself “the Peloton of the Kitchen”. This cutting board features a viewing screen with access to a library of live and in-demand cooking classes. As an added bonus, the screen is removable to make cleaning easy. You can also control the screen via an app on your phone.

The Versaware Smart Cutting Board may feature a smaller screen but it still offers plenty of enticing features. The cutting board gives healthy eating recommendations and recipes specially geared for your biometrics and dietary preferences. It also provides nutritional details with each item that is added to a meal.

Smart Mixing

The classic mixing bowl is also getting a smart makeover. The VersaWare Mixing Bowl features a smart screen that provides automated nutrition calculation and tracks dietary preferences. You can go through step-by-step visual instructions to make cooking meals simpler with this all-in-one smart appliance.

Even stand mixers are integrating screens as well. The GE Profile Smart Mixer has a built-in scale that measures ingredients as you add them. You can use the screen to follow each step in a recipe, and as it mixes, it reads the thickness and offers advice. The smart mixer also connects to Google and Amazon Echo for voice control.

Cook More Confidently

Kitchen tech may be getting smarter, but some brands want to make you smarter and more confident in the kitchen too. The Tramontina Guru is an induction cooktop that strives to “bring out a better cook in anyone”. This complete and innovative cooking solution connects to a tablet or smartphone and guides you step-by-step with over 200 video-guided recipes. The Guru also includes an integrated sensor allowing you to monitor food temperature and serving as a scale so you can be in complete control.

Tineco is another company that wants to guide you through the cooking process with the soon-to-release Chiere One. The Chiere One cooker serves as a sous chef with its 7” screen and video and audio capabilities. An intelligent feeding system stirs as well as seasons food automatically, complimenting the intelligent heating and weighing components. Still not impressed? The One-Touch Self-Cleaning mode provides a high-temperature steam clean so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your perfectly prepared meal.

You Can Have It All

The kitchen tech trends for 2023 highlight appliances that are getting smarter, more engaging, and more streamlined. It’s becoming easier to have it all in terms of functionality without having to compromise design. Fill out our inquiry form and we’ll be happy to help you integrate these trends into your kitchen.

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